10 things I love about Sri Lanka

Besides pristine beaches, spectacular natural scenes, decades-old cultural heritage, enthralling water activities and prestigious festivals there is something unique about Sri Lanka. Although the island is stretching over a small land area of 65,000 sq km (almost looks like a tiny water drop in the world map), travellers will experience the diversity in every corner of the country. Get on board for a Sri Lanka itinerary 10 days and visit its surprising allures. Here is why I love Sri Lanka?

  1. Far-fetchedAttractions and Culture

The country boasts of rich culture and eight world heritage sites recorded by UNESCO. Plus, the colourful festival hosted during the year marks this place as a cultural bliss. Sri Lanka’s cultural history begins in the 1800s with the Dutch, Portuguese and British sovereign. The fortified town of Galle and Fort are the best examples ofthe island’s European-influenced cultural inheritance. Rocky outcrop of Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temple, the holy city of Anuradhapura, Kandy, Polonnaruwa and Sinharaja forest reserve are the best-preserved reflections of Sri Lanka’s cultural highlights. The words wouldn’t explain its splendour; cultural tours Sri Lanka are the best choice to sight them lively.

  1. Tropical Climate

Being a tropical island, Sri Lanka experiences hot sunny weather throughout the year. However, the country encounters two monsoon periods, which hit various regions of the country during different months. By means, the climate wouldn’t be the same in every part of the country and travellers can experience sunny weather in certain places while showers in other areas. The Southwest monsoon hits between May and July while Northeast monsoon hits between October and January, which means the explorers who are on Sri Lanka luxury holidays to the country’s southern region can relish in an uninterrupted vacation.    

  1. People

Let me start with the never ending smiles on their faces. Despite the traumas they have gone through; the Boxing Day tsunami and devastating civil warwhich seized everything they have earned in their lifetime, yet they have managed to keep up the positive attitude and warm hospitality. This caught my eye – I would say it is nothing but their courage which left me speechless.

As a country colonised by the people following different religions and cultures, they have learnt to live peacefully by helping each other. The houses painted in bright colours are so welcoming and friendly. If you drop by their homes, the visitors will bewarmly welcomed, well-fed with traditional food, tea and varieties of sweet treats. Yes, you will end up consuming more calories.

Still, can’t believe my word? Here is the bet – Visit these people on your Sri Lanka itinerary 10 days, you will realise it.

  1. Pristine Coastlines

The beaches are lovely; the water is crystal clear and arouses you to stay forever. It is one of the reasons why people choose this dreamland for Sri Lanka luxury holidays. The sand is powdery like silicone, so you may not have to worry about swimming in the litter, because the water and shore are pure and untouched.

You may find most of the popular ones on the Southwest side of the island – depending on the season they might be jam-packed, but worth visiting. The palm-fringed seashore is perfect for resting and sunbaking while the wild waves are tempting for surfing and water activities. Mirissa, Galle, Hikkaduwa, Nilaveli, Arugam Bay, Bentota and Unawatuna are a few beaches worth visiting.

  1. Land of rarest Wildlife

If you admire animals, then Sri Lanka should be in your travel bucket list. Sri Lanka is the wildlife hotspot of Asia, sheltering a diverse range of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Yala National Park is the most distinguished of them, featuring the highest leopard density, different sort of birds, reptiles and amphibians. Udawalawe, Minneriya, Kaudulla, Kumana, Bundala and Wilpattu are the rest of them.

Not only the rarest wild beasts, but the marine hulks can be seen in the beaches of Sri Lanka. Enjoy whale watching tours while sighting whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Moving towards Bentota, you will witness an entire home for the turtles in Kosgoda turtle hatchery and Pinnawala for herds of baby elephants.

  1. Nature and Backdrops

The island is fruitful with flora, fauna and forceful beauty. Starting from beaches, highlands and lowlands, the entire country is strewn with dissimilar settings. You will find Nuwara Eliya, Kandy Ella in the Central highlands – This is the rugged countryside of Sri Lanka, dotted with lavishly green tea plantations, hiking and trekking trails. Knuckles mountain range and Horton Plains are the other scenic places to take a look.

  1. Colourful Festivals

As an island influenced by culture and religions, festivals play a noteworthypart throughout the year. The Buddhists of the country prominently celebrate Vesak and Poson Poya. Then comes the Kandy Esala Perahera which is known to be the grandest Buddhist festival of Sri Lanka. Encounter elegantly dressed elephants, fire walkers, traditional Kandyan musicians and flag bearers parading in the Perahera. Sight the attraction of the celebrations while you are on cultural tours Sri Lanka.

  1. For the love of food

As a country blessed with spices, Sri Lankan cuisine never fails to delight your eyes and tummies. The most classic dish is rice and curry which is served with cooked fluffy rice, yellow lentil curry, spice mixed chicken curry and an assortment of vegetables on the side. Sri Lankan Kottu, hoppers, string hoppers, watalappan and traditional Sri Lankan sweets are also shouldn’t be missed while travellers are in search for tantalising food. Eat and taste them all; you will not find them anywhere else instead in Sri Lanka.

  1. Reasonable Shopping

Enjoy shopping in Sri Lanka. Whether you are looking for cheap deals or high-end purchasing, it has everything to sell. Pettah bazaar is one of the best places for cheap and bargain shopping experience in Sri Lanka. The streets packed with pavement shops sell from safety pins to mobile phones – sounds interesting? However, be mindful of keeping an eye on your bags as you walk along busy lanes.

  1. Nightlife

Never miss partying – This is one of the reasons why I often visit Sri Lanka. Colombo, Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and Bentota are the well-known spots for nightlife. Among them, Colombo is the leading capital for merrymaking after dusk. Night pubs and casinos bring the perfect social life pleasure in Sri Lanka.





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