The Famous 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan

101 Tower, the Best Attraction in Taipei

The Famous 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan

If you are obsessed to see a giant and very big tower, you pleased to visit 101 Tower. This giant tower is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It can be said that 101 Tower is the best man-made attractions in Taiwan and it has become a pride from the residents for many years. The high of this tower is 509.2 meters (about 1,670 feet) makes it as one of the world’s tallest building. It had been truly the tallest tower in the world in between 2004 until 2010, however then it had been defeated by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The 1010 Tower is situated in the Xinyi Distric, the eastern side of the city. The name of 101 is taken from the amount of floors, but actually its original name is the Taipei Financial Center. 101 Tower is a nice place to visit. You need to plan at least half a day to explore the building so that you will have enough time to shop in the 1010 mall, enjoying the food at the food court restaurants and also climbing up to enjoy the spectacular scenery for the building. Visiting 101 Tower, you have to pay attention that smoking is not allowed in this building.

101 Tower, Best Attraction in Taipei

Talking about its design, this Taipei 1010 Towers is represented the Chinese culture. The exterior and interior of this building is designed in Chinese pagoda structure and the shape of bamboo flowers. Everyone is made amazed with the high of the tower and asked about the safety. Don’t be so worry because this building is guaranteed safety from the earthquake shake. As we know, Taiwan is one subject of earthquake therefore it was designed an advance system that is corporate into the structure.

101 Tower Picture

101 Tower in Taipei

photo credits : xhsun, Ralf & Lhyn, Philipp1205, ichbins bernd

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