3 Questions to Ask to Your Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer


Getting acquainted with the process of buying a new food processing equipment is a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. When you know the right questions to ask before you invest into equipment ensures success. Here are the questions you should consider asking before you buy a food processing equipment.


  • What type of expertise do you have in our production area?


It is very essential to ensure any manufacturer you will be working with has the necessary experience in order to make the right suggestions for your processing equipment. Experience is considered an important part of the decision process. A manufacturer with sufficient experience in any respective area of food processing will be well acquainted with the differences in the product. If the manufacturer has an expertise for equipment used in food processing, they will know that the equipment is different from something which is used for dairy industry. Manufacturers of Lumar who have certain expertise in specific food application will offer better perspective on how your equipment will impact your operational efficiency and product quality as well.


  • What are your warranty terms?


Most manufacturers offer warranties, but not all of them are made equal. It is wise to understand the precise specifications of the warranty you will be bestowed with your equipment. Many warranties cover one year, where two year is preferable, but you will not need any kind of warranty after the first year of use. And as we hope that you will never have to make any warranty claim, ensure that your manufacturer will make on site repairs and avoid having to ship your product in order to get the repairs accomplished. It is a smart practice to ask your manufacturer about the multi year warranty and on site repairs.


  • What to expect from your customer service procedure?


You will quite likely have to get in touch with your manufacturer at some point post purchase. And because of that, you have to understand the process of interacting with the customer service team of the manufacturer. To ensure you understand the process, always ask the right questions about the customer service processes and staff like, who you will be in contact with, their responsibilities in your customer service relationship etc. Once the contact has been established, check what procedure is followed to address your issues. The answers you will obtain will make or break your relationship with the manufacturer.

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