4 Exceptional Historical Monuments To Visit In London

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When in London, it’s ideal to explore as much as you can in the city. From its roots to its reaches, every monument in the city has a story to tell. Locating them is half the fun while exploring them enriches your mind, body, and soul.

Taking multiple stops between your sightseeing tours is the key to maximizing your adventures in the city. You can also visit the best London restaurants in some of the top places when you’re craving some quality Indian food. Restaurants such as The Naan’ery at The LaLiT London offer contemporary twists for everyday explorer.

Tower Bridge

When you think of London, the iconic Tower Bridge is the first thing that comes to mind. This exceptional historical monument has been the cornerstone of British strength and architectural prowess. It’s one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations and often hosts tour guides through the great waters of River Thames.

You can even visit the top of the bridge to get a clear view of the river from above. There’s a gorgeous glass floor that gives you access to the entire city from the top of the bridge. Walking along the bridge is also a fun activity as you interact with the locals and sample some British street cuisines.

The Big Ben

As historical monuments go, The Big Ben is probably the most iconic figure in British History. It’s been a part of some of the biggest movies of our generation and has been functioning for centuries now. Constructed in 1834, it’s one of the finest examples of ancient architecture and strength in masonry.

The tolling of the bell still brings together Britishers around the city who feel connected to this proud culture. Travellers coming here also get a sense of warm welcoming, when they hear the chimes of The Big Ben reverberating throughout the city.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s residence is one of the most popular spots in London owing to its rich legacy and historical dominance. Travellers from around the world visit the palace to watch the changing of the guards each day. The sight is a spectacular one for everyone that wants to witness British glory first-hand.

Travellers can also book a palace tour to gain access to the interiors of this divine place and interact with tour guides about the history of the monument. The palace itself holds strong since 1837 and has more than 700 rooms in its interiors. If the flag above the palace is flying, then you know that the Queen is staying there presently.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a thousand-year-old palace that stands as a military base and an ancient fort. It was a strategic battle station for the British for generations, hosting hundreds of great generals and war experts of the era. Travellers working through luxury meeting rooms London city side can often catch a view of this glorious trade centre of the city’s history.

From the crown jewels to an active zoo, there’s much to explore at this iconic monument. From the greatest war stories you’ve ever heard to the most lavish garments worn by Kings & Queens, travellers can see it all at the Tower of London.

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