5 Awesome Places in Makassar

Makassar is famous because of its colonial buildings, abundant history, accessible shores, and yummy seafood. But little do many understand that Makassar can be teeming with plenty of undiscovered and alluring attractions. Make sure that you go to these 5 amazing locations that you never knew existed in Makassar.

The Spermonde Archipelago

Round the South shore facing Makassar establishes the Spermonde Archipelago that is made up of over 115 tropical islands. Many are uninhabited, but many are very popular with tourists that want to experience the ideal beach escape. Come to snorkel, dive, or just unwind and take in the heavenly environment. Just a short distance from the Town of Makassar are 3 islands within the archipelago which should not be overlooked.

The BallaLampoa Museum

The BallaLampoa Museum is a reconstruction of this imperial Gowa Palace throughout its Predominate in 1936. Literally meaning home of greatness, the building itself is built in conventional style, constructed on stilts and made from plank wood using a two-meter ladder that contributes to the main terrace. An architectural delight, the memorial is in agreement with the standard features of Bugis homes during that specific era.

LengangLaiya Waterfall

Situated from the Laiya Village at the Maros Regency, this waterfall is a stunning bit of pure beauty that’s untouched by the overall tourists. As you arrive at the destination, you’ll be greeted by an expanse of walnut tree forest that you have to enter to achieve this beautiful waterfall. What awaits on the other side of this woods is a stunning two-tiered waterfall that functions as a pure infinity pool into the background of this luscious green landscape of hills, trees, and valleys.

The Maine Highlands

As you arrive in Maine Highlands Be ready to be taken aback by the stunning perspective of rolling tea plantations as well as the refreshingly aromatic atmosphere. A stroll into the peak of the summit will show a charming cafe called the Green Peko Cafe, which serves tasty food in addition to awe-inspiring scenic views. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, you will find plenty of outdoor activities like flying fox, horseback riding, and biking, to name a couple. The miniature zoo and waterfall are popular attractions which aren’t to be overlooked.

Lake Tanralili

Situated on the slopes of mount Just 2 hours out of Makassar, this lake is still relatively undiscovered and contains only recently gained popularity among the local trekking, camping, and academic community. Also called Loe Valley, Because of Its place amongst majestically towering cliffs and radically steep slopes, this lake is a gemstone in the rough. Come here to relax and Revel in the calm and mesmerizing landscape of Mountainous terrain, sweeping greenery and breathtaking rock structures abandoned by The avalanche which sailors say generated the lake. A word of caution – the trek into the lake can be very hard, but upon arrival that the unbelievable view will be worth the travel.

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