5 Best Honeymoon Places to Visit in Greece

Marriage is the one of the happiest moments and one of the special moments in our life. This is the moment when you got your adored and loved person in your life and you will spend most of your life with your beloved spouse. Then you must want this moment to be more special don’t you? Besides the wedding ceremony that is special and unique since it is attended by your close friends and families, you must have a special honeymoon for your marriage. Since the great marriage will be remembered by you and your spouse forever, and it will be the sweet memory. But a great honeymoon needs careful planning and lots of preparations.

Because of honeymoon is very important moment of your life, it should be planned far the way before you get married. Like where to go, the hotel you will stay, and the things to do in your honeymoon. One of the greatest honeymoons to be visited is Greece. Since Greece offers the beauty, natural, and timeless romance that will be remembered to the rest of your life and it must be suitable to your love and your romantic time. In this chance, this article will  show you about the 5 best honeymoon places in Greece.

#1. Santorini

The Beautiful Santorini

photo credit : Britrob

Up until now, Santorini is the most romantic place to do the honeymoon moment in Greece. And it is the most interesting and unique island in Greece. Because of Santorini offers the beauty of the natural landscape and the romantic scenery at the same moment. Those are the scenery views of Volcano Mountain and the sunsets that is the unique point of this place that cannot be matched anywhere else in this planet. Besides there are some island near by Santorini that can be visited through ferries while you can enjoy the beauty of Santorini Island.

#2. Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece

photo credit : Hbarrison

Mykonos is well known by its windmills. Once you are in Greece, you must visit Mykonos and its windmills. Windmills in Mykonos are famous because it can make your honeymoon lovelier and more romantic. And if you want to hold or join a party in Greece, Mykonos is famous for its night life. You can enjoy theMykonos’ night life party with your spouse all night long. Besides windmills, Mykonos is also known as the “little Venice” area that makes your honeymoon must be more romantic. Also, there are many lovely resorts where you can spend your romantic moment together with your spouse.

#3. Crete


photo credit : southpaw2305

Crete is famous as the cosmopolitan city. Where in Crete you can feel the cosmopolitan city atmosphere and once you get there, you have to experience your honeymoon with the cosmopolite of the Crete. Because of Crete is the largest island in Greece, Crete has many beautiful beaches that is famous for the sun bathing in Crete’s beaches. As the tourist destination, Crete offers many hotels that have unique and different services to their guests. Once you get there you must experience the sunbathing at the beaches in Crete.

#4. Sifnos


photo credit : pandemia

Sifnos is a small place and contains small villages that have population only about 2500 people live in there. But it is famous for the beauty and peaceful, the number of the attractions and the villages to be explored. Sifnos’ villages are very peaceful and quiet place. It has sandy beaches, several old churches, and a couple of small museums, and that makes it more peaceful besides the population, is the scenery of Sifnos. It is surrounded by the hill of olive groves, almond trees, and citrus trees. Feel free to explore the peaceful of Sifnos!

#5. Folegandros

Beach in Folegandros

photo credit : elias filis

Folegandros island is located between Melos and Santorini. It is not famous in the tourism business, since there are no tourism agents that offer the tour package to the Folegandros, so it is barely touched by the tourists. But this is the great chance for you who want a peaceful and quiet honeymoon, yeah !! Folegandros is the right place to visit! In Greece there are places to hold the traditional and extensive Easter festivities, and Folegandros is one of those places, don’t miss this event once you in there.. As for your information, in early spring Folegandros has beautiful landscape because of its flowers and grass that color the landscape, once you there you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape in early spring.

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