5 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

Jamaica is a large island country located in the Caribbean Sea, Central America and be one of the largest islands after Cuba. Jamaica is incredibly amazing tourist attraction which provides many different kinds of natural entertainment. The weather and the sun are perfect combination to accompany the natural beauty for tourists. The people are also friendly welcoming anyone who wants to spend their times in this earth heaven. So here are the top 5 or the 5 best places to visit in Jamaica. They are the best for years and still the best for ever more because of their natural beauty.

#1. Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctors Cave Beach, Jamaica

photo credit : mhowry

Doctor’s Cave Beach is located in Montego Bay. The best place on earth is the beach. It is not complete without the trip to a beach in a vacation. So, one of the best beaches in Jamaica is the Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay. The sands and the waters are very calm. The length of the beach itself is about five miles long completed with amenities, restrooms, and beach bars along the beach. Some people know this place as Mo Bay, the most beautiful tourist attraction in Jamaica.

#2. Dunn’s River Falls – Ocho Rios

Dunns River Falls

photo credit : axle foley00

Dunn’s River Falls is located in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This Caribbean river falls gives an unforgettable moment when you came to Jamaica. The river falls is staggering with clean and clear water. The view is very green and fresh complete with the vegetation’s around the Dunn’s River Falls. One thing you need to know is that you can’t easily get the highest top of the river falls because you need to climb it first for about 30 minutes. And that is the point. After you spent the last 30 minutes to climb, you can relief by the spectacular view of the falls and fresh air there. A tip for you, arrive before 10 am to avoid the crowd or after 4 pm.

#3. Black River Safari

Black River Safari, Jamaica

photo credit : galfred

Another different tourist attraction in Jamaica is the Black River located in St. Elizabeth Parish. If you wish another water experience differently, then this may be perfect. Black River safari takes you to the south coast of Jamaica. You will get ride with a boat and trip along the river side to see natural beauty of free wild animals like croc and snakes or fish in safe way. This is spooky yet so fun and save so don’t worry about the security.

#4. Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

photo credit : dubdem

Once you heard of Jamaica, you may directly think of reggae. And that is one of the top 5 tourist attraction in Jamaica. Go to Bob Marley Museum and your trip to Jamaica is completely perfect. This museum is located in Kingston. This museum of reggae legend is on Hope Road capital of Kingston. It provides all information about Marley from the first time of his life until the last time of his career. So make sure you have lot of info about him so that you can tell many things when you home.

#5. Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

photo credit : dubdem

Last but least of 5 best places to visit in Jamaica is Blue Lagoon. The clear bluish and green water of the lagoon affects many people to come to this heaven earth. Tourists can stay in Blue Lagoon Hotel if they wish to spent times in more than a day. They can do scuba diving in its clear and fresh water. What makes this Blue Lagoon is the depth for about 200 feet or more than 500 meters deep. It is near to Port Antonio and Monkey Island. You can do many other things like walking around the lagoon and find natural habitat of vegetation and animals which you may never see before.

So those are the most amazing places in Jamaica you can visit to. People don’t come without any reason, so you can imagine that those places are incredible. Those places are perfect to give totally different atmosphere from the crazy busy cities we live. They are peace, natural, and fresh places you never regret. Prepare your days and be free from other distressing activity. Relax for a while, turn off your business mobile phone and be proud of these natural creatures earth made.

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