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5 Best Places to Visit in Philippines

Philippines is a country located in the south Asia. It is two biggest archipelago countries after Indonesia. It consists of 107 islands that is divided into three major main geographical divisions namely; Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon. The country which is known as the Republic of the Philippines has the various tourism spots which can attract the foreigner to visit its tourism spot with its beautiful and amazing natural attractions. This country is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Philippines attract with its beautiful natural tourism spot including beautiful sea and islands because it is an archipelago country. Those natural tourism spots serve the natural and beautiful tourism attraction. Besides having the natural tourism spots, Philippines also has other tourism spots that gives the pleasure to the visitor. It has the beautiful and memorable cities around Philippines. In this article, the writer wants to review about the 5 best places to visit in Philippines.

#1. Boracay

Boracay Island

photo credit: Roberto Verzo

Boracay is one the islands in the Philippine archipelago. This island is a small island than the others island in this archipelago in Philippine, just 9kms long and I km wide.. This island is the beautiful island which serves the beautiful scenery. It gives the modernity, plenty of sun and lively look. You can enjoy your life in the Boracay. For you who loves the life night this place is the suitable for you, because in this cities consist of modernity life which lets you enjoy your life in the bar and restaurant galore line strip. There is about 300 top-class resort that makes your accommodation to be exited and comfortable. You will have the best and memorable holiday in the Baracay.

#2. Manila

Manila City

photo credit: airforcefe

The country capital is the central of the government and all the economic activities. This is a part of the Manila which having all of the negative part of the big city as the country capital such as pollution, criminal, corruption or shambolic of city arrangement. Put aside all of the negative part and then let’s review the beautiful part of this city. Manila also has the historical and memorable building which as the heritage of old period. Coconut palace is built as the pope’s visit years ago which is built entirely out of coconut shells and palm wood. For you who want to relax, bubbly markets can be the alternative because it serves the knockoff DVDs, perfume and kinds of products which has quality as good as its origin.

#3. Cebu

Cebu Port

photo credit: jametiks

The ancient trading port way in the 16th century is the attraction part of the Cebu. This city is located in the southern part of the Philippines which is the hub route of the beautiful tourist spots. Besides it, the Basilica of Santo Nino is the ancient building which is an impressive church that attract with its ornate courtyard and the Holy Child that remain back to 1521. Other tourist spots in Cebu is the Sinulog Festival, it is an outdoor concert at Fuante Osmena and a wild Mardi Gras-style street parade  which is culminated on the third Sunday of January.

#4. Makati City

Makati City

photo credit: Juan Acullador

Makati or called as Makati city and was known as San Pedro Macati during the Spanish era. It is one of the municipalities’ cities which is made up the National Capital of the Philippines. Makati city is the major financial and economical and commercial hub in the Philippines. So this city is the crowded and busy of activities which high-pace and traffic.  Besides as the financial hub of this country, it is also as high cosmopolitan culture and as the hub of the major entertainment and cultural in Metro Manila in which the nightlife and signature brands are the posh malls.

#5. Coron


photo credit: Joseph A Ferris

In the archipelago country, the attracting tourism spot is in a sea. Coron is one of the tourist spot which serves the beautiful sea for diving. Based on the Forbes Traveler Magazine, Coron is one of the top 10 best scuba diving sites. As the municipality that is part of Palawan, Philippines, where that best diving sites located. This facilities in the Coron is not as good as others big cities in the Philippines because it is somewhat lacking of modern standard, it is proved by no luxury accommodation to had like other cities. But the strength of this city is in the beauty of the natural panorama.

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