Toronto Islands, Canada

5 Best Things to See in Toronto

In Toronto, there are many things to do for tourists. There are many tourist attractions in Toronto to be visited by tourists. In Toronto you can experience the Toronto’s downtown atmosphere freely by doing things, seeing or tasting the Toronto’s downtown core. There are many major museums, art galleries, and sport venues that you can experience all. And you can stay in this downtown in the middle of the city that is near with those attractions. In Toronto you can choose your own things to do. You can even categorize your own destination, such as like, true natural wilderness, sublime beaches, a large theme park and amazing zoo, culinary destinations and wine destinations, and many more. Besides those attractions, Toronto also stands as the clean city with its cosmopolitan status. There are many wonderful networks of parks in the middle of cities, and many cultural facilities.

Since Toronto is one of the big cities in the world, and the one of biggest and cosmopolitan city in Canada, it provides the proper facilities to the tourists. Once you get there, you will be helped by Toronto’s public facility that is helpful. By this chance, this article will give you the 5 best things to see in Toronto. Check it out!

#1. CN Tower

CN Tower, Toronto

photo credit : Skrewtape

CN tower is the most popular tourist attraction in Toronto, even in Canada. CN tower is the most recognizable and celebrated icon of Canada. It has been the unique character and identity of the Canada. CN tower stands over 550 meters or 1800 feet, make it the tallest building in the world up until now. In every year, there are many tourists came here, it is about 2 million people every year came and took the elevator and rode to the top of the tower. Once you get in Toronto, you must experience stand in the top of the world.

#2. St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market

photo credit : stevenharris

Toronto is well known for the conductive situation and great neighborhoods, so you don’t worry if you are riding your car or going out for a walk, the friendly of Toronto will greet you. For example, once you are in Toronto, you have to visit the St. Lawrence Market. Feel the conductive and friendly neighborhoods there; you can spend your afternoon by shopping and finding anything in there. St. Lawrence Market is the famous market in Toronto, and you must visit it in Sundays. Since there are over 80 antique dealers display their products there. Besides you also can spend your time by siting in cafe to feel the atmosphere of St. Lawrence Market.

#3. Casa Loma Downtown

Casa Loma, Toronto

photo credit : Bobolink

If you are interested with old town and historic architecture, you have to visit Casa Loma. It has a lot of historic towns and old mansion or castle in there. Once you get there, you will be amazed by its unique old atmosphere. You have to explore by walking the old towns and the castle or mansion there.

#4. Queen’s Park

Queens Park, Toronto

photo credit : roens

Queen’s Park is one of the oldest city parks in Canada. Queen’s Park was built in the year 1860 and it is located nearly with University of Toronto. This was made by Edward VII, the Prince of Wales as the honor of the England’s Queen Victoria. This garden was designed in English landscape garden style. And in the center of the Queen’s Park stands Ontario Legislative Building which has Romanesque style in it. you have to take the guided tour once you get there, the tour will explain a lot of its history and background of the buildings.

#5. Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands, Canada

photo credit : ashish

Once you are in Toronto, you must visit this unique nature phenomenon. It is unique since the name of Toronto Islands doesn’t have the real meaning as the “islands”. Toronto Islands is a floating sand-bars that were carried westward from Scarborough Bluffs by the currents of the Ontario Lake. This sand-bars has 9 kilometers long. It is a unique nature phenomenon, and you must experience it! In Toronto Islands, there are many attractions such as like annually carnival, Centreville, the old fashioned amusement park, picnic areas and many others. In addition, this place is perfect for hiking or riding a bicycle.


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