Mammoth Cave National Park, United States

Attractions of Mammoth Cave National Park, United States

Mammoth Cave National Park, United States

United States has a lots of interesting national parks to visit. One of them is Mammoth Cave National Park which located in the soft sloping hills of  state Kentucky, United States. This national park has an area more than 52.835 acres and was established since 1941. This park offer to the visitors an amazing rock formation that are hidden away from the sun that formed 4.000 years ago. It is very interesting for the traveler who love about geology. This National Park also has the cave with total length about 630 kilometers, making it as the world’s longest cave system. In exploring the cave, you will see the beautiful scenery in there, there are also a lots of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites that formed since a thousand years ago. Besides offer beautiful scenery, this park is also has many species of endangered animals and plants. There are more than 200 rare species of invertebrate, more than 43 mammals , 207 of  birds, 209 species of wildflowers, 27 species of fungi and others various of rare animals and plants.

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The other attractions that offered by Mammoth National Park is camping ground. In the park, you can stay some days to enjoy the beauty of nature because there are 3 campgrounds in the park area. Besides camping, others activities that you can do at the park are hiking, nature walks, fishing, Green River boat trips and many others. For you who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, see the cave, river, trees, waterfalls, visiting Mammoth Cave National Park is the best place of that.

Mammoth Cave, National Park of Mammoth Cave

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