watter fall bantimurung (image source from wwwworldtourism.blogspot.com)

Bantimurung : Paradise on Earth

watter fall bantimurung

Bantimurung Park is one of the famous tourism places in South Sulawesi. Makasar as the capital city of South Sulawesi is easy for visited. Many people described Bantimurung Park as Paradise on Earth. Bantimurung’s drawing power has actually been in place for some time now. The beautiful butterflies that come in different hues and shapes. Here butterflies are often seen fluttering their wings in the air as if to welcome visitors. Batimurung Park was once indeed the habitat of around 250 different types of butterflies, but a research conducted recently found only 100 left. A museum is on hand featuring thousands of dried butterflies in small glass boxes. Outside dozens of children offer the same wares as souvenirs at unbelievable low prices. Thousands visit the park on the weekend as it offers greenery and tranquility a magnificent waterfall and caves.

park bantimurung

The waterfall is located about 20 meters wide and about 15 meters high, allowing water to flow down at a comfortable speed for visitors to bath in a natural mode. The water fall is located at the valley of a steep limestone hill, teeming with fertile tropical vegetation, making it an ideal habitats for butterflies and birds. On the left side of water fall are concrete stairs leading to the Cave of Dreams and Cave of Stone. The caves were discovered only in 1986, when villagers came across them while searching for a visitors who got lost inside the park fro two full days. In the end the person in question found his way back. In recent times Bantimurung, which in the local dialect means “getting rid of sorrow” has turned into a popular weekend resort for families and couples who wish to escape from Makasar. Clean and comfortable bungalows at reasonable rates are available for those who wish to stay longer and enjoy the fresh air that has become the location’s hallmark.

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