Beach holidays and the best ever locations – only with Sterling


A beachside holiday is not just about having quick access to the beach. There’s so much more you can experience, but only with a good holiday resort.

When you envision a beach holiday, the images to flash across your mind are those about the beach itself: you see yourself running or playing in the sand, or having a cool drink under a beach umbrella, or going for a long walk with your partner. The one image that doesn’t immediately spring to mind is about your hotel or resort room. But this is the most crucial component of the beach holiday.

The importance of booking a room in a luxury beach resort in India cannot be emphasised enough. Not only should the room be large and fitted out with every luxury you can think of, it should also be located really close to the beach. Always look for luxury beach resorts located cheek by jowl with some of the country’s best beaches – this way, you can walk across to the beach whenever you want, and return quickly for a shower when there’s sand all over your body and inside your shoes!

There are several great locations for beach holidays in India. Some of the best beaches in India – and there are scores along the ample West, South and East coastline – are in Goa, Karwar and Daman. Premium hospitality companies in the country offer timeshare holiday experiences in these three spots, with the choicest pick of luxury beach resorts in India.

How to have the best beach holiday in India

* Choose the right outfits. Not all beaches in India welcome skimpy beachwear, so choose your clothing wisely. While most beaches in Goa are accommodating of two-piece bathing suits and Speedo trunks, other places might not be so. However, shorts, tees and flip flops are de facto beach wear anywhere in India, for both men and women. Choose light cotton clothing and slather on sunscreen to combat the harsh sunlight. 

* Book the best resort. Take recommendations from friends who have been on beach holidays recently. If you are going to a spot that you have never visited before, such as Goa, then it is best to buy a holiday package with a premium company in the hospitality sector. There are some impeccable resorts in Goa, featuring the best accommodation, a range of on-site activities and attractive packages.

* Pack towels and a foldable/inflatable seat. Though there are restaurants and shacks dotting most beaches in India today, where you can sit back with drinks and snacks and watch the sea, it is better to go prepared in case you want to spend an entire day outdoors. You will need suntan lotion, plenty of water, an inflatable or foldable chair (ask the resort if they have one), a large towel to sit on to dry off on, flip flops and a sun hat. 


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