Best Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality field is an extraordinary field. Working in tourism field gives you a chance to explore new cultures and cities. Tourism doesn’t only include travel agents or hotel managers, there are much more beyond that, your holiday services and experiences was all done by hard working people behind the scenes.

This field is suitable for people who loves adventurous life and own a high level of communication skills. The tourism field is full of exciting jobs, starting from operational positions like executives’ jobs and management all the way to the room service worker. Being enrolled in tourism and hospitality field means excitement, good pay rates and new cultures exploration.

What are the best jobs to occupy in Tourism and Hospitality field?

Here are the best job in Tourism and Hospitality:

  1. Hotel Manager.

Running a hotel is a heavy responsibly. Hotel managers need to make sure everything is under control and the process of the daily routine tasks is being executed accurately and professionally, like supervising all departments like marketing department, general maintenance, housekeeping and every responsible department in the hotel. Hotel Managers need excellent interpersonal skills in the hospitality industry; a fair amount of managerial skills are crucially required. Another duties handled by the hotel manager are recruiting m supervising staff and training , as well as financially managing budgets , maintenance expenses marketing and advertisements. Communication skills are crucial because hotel manager will be dealing with the customers complains besides making sure that the hotel complies with safety and health regulations.

  • Hotel Manager annual salary rates are usually high.
  • If you own a great amount of managerial and communication skills, then this job might be your fit. Check the largest online job websites like which offers great opportunities both locally and work abroad opportunities.
  1. Travel Agent.

Travel agent is responsible for planning, researching and booking trips for both groups and individuals. We might have noticed that people are now depending more on themselves by booking their tickets and trips online, but some people would prefer using a travel agent because they might lack information and knowledge about a certain destination they’re planning to visit. Travel agents are responsible for flight bookings, transfer arrangements, hotel selection and holiday activities.

  • Travel Agents will need great organizational skills, creative planning methods and an eagle eye for details!
  • If you’re considering becoming a travel agent, visit famous online job portals like Joblang and apply online.
  1. Event organizer and planner.

Planning and organizing any event consumes a lot of time and energy. Event planners are responsible for assuring that the finer details are perfectly organized. This job role is hands-on and usually it involves working in bigger teams. The event planner job role has numerous tasks, they organize and coordinate every single details related to the conference or event, technically and visually. They seek to meet locations to the printed materials and also control audio-visual equipment.

  • Event and conference organizer need to pay attention to details, work under tight deadlines and pay good attention to details. They’ll usually need to work for late long hours in order to make sure that the event will certainly succeed.
  • If you’re interested, you can check great organizers job opportunities on online job websites like and apply today.
  1. Tour Guide.

Tour guides work in the travel industry. They are responsible for giving tourists information and guided tours about certain locations or city. They must own a high level of knowledge in specific areas, including historic sites, museums, natural features and any other tourist destinations. Guides give bus tours, boat tours and even walking tours.

  • You’ll need a good amount of geographic knowledge about locations and sites, but another guide tours related experiences will be gained by time.
  • If you master another extra language than your mother tongue language is definitely a boost for you.
  • If you’re passionate about guiding tourists to city’s famous location and tell historical stories then this job is made for you! Submit your resume through secured and authorized online job websites
  1. EXECUTIVE Chef.

Executive Chefs are food artists. The first that comes to your mind is famous celebrity chefs like Chef Ramsey and reality shows and cooking competitions. The executive chefs are in charge of the whole restaurants’ kitchen, managing the kitchen staff is their duty as well. They are also responsible for planning the menu, picking the freshest ingredients and assuring the hygiene level is at its safest throughout the restaurant. Executive chefs need to be able spotting problems and issues and find suitable solutions quickly with the minimum costs expenses.

  • Most chefs’ starts in a low entry level job, some famous chefs actually started as dishwashers, and now they own their own restaurants.
  • Chefs are always in demand. Food is the world’s supreme field, it never stops growing. If you would like to enroll in such industries then visit and apply today!

Tourism and hospitality fields are great fields to enroll in. This field offers exciting jobs which allows you to grow wide experiences in short time, the best thing about most of these jobs are that you mostly gain the experience and the hard skills while you’re enrolling in a certain job. There are another great job position in both tourism and hospitality field like spa manager, sommelier, PR manager and many more other great job positions. This field requires someone really liked working in exciting field and wouldn’t prefer working in full-time office jobs. Follow your passion to where it makes you rise and soar!

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