Darjeeling: In the Lap of Kanchenjunga

Darjeeling is a popular Indian hill station that’s famous for its tea plantations, Himalayan ranges, beautiful valleys, monastery, and toy train. Darjeeling is a vacation destination for tourists across the globe. Located in West Bengal, this beautiful hill station is cuddled up in the lap of Kanchenjunga and Himalaya. Darjeeling is a perfect holiday destination for tourists who want to breathe unpolluted and fresh air, stroll on the cold streets, and enjoy some adventure activities.

The city has a lot of attractions and fun activities for its visitors. No matter which season you visit Darjeeling, this hill station will greet you with a pleasant temperature and a wonderful aura. Let’s take a look at the top attractions in and around Darjeeling.

Kanchenjunga – the Mountain for Trekkers and Hikers

People from different corners of the world visit Darjeeling to see the beautiful and a super tall mountain “Kanchenjunga”, for which the hill station is famous. Darjeeling lies in the lap of Kanchenjunga Mountain. Tourists love this mountain for its great altitude, which makes it the third highest peak in the world. The word Kanchenjunga refers to “five treasure houses of snow”.

From trekking to mountaineering, Kanchenjunga has amazing activities and views for all its tourists. In fact, tourists mainly visit Darjeeling to climb the city’s highest peak and admire the beauty of the entire city from the highest point. Kanchenjunga extends to the eastern end of Nepal as well as Sikkim in India. Located at an altitude of 8,5856 meters, Kanchenjunga receives a large number of visitors throughout the year. The Mountain also has a special observatory point where you can view the beautiful attractions in Darjeeling. Even though this mountain seems like a peaceful and quiet location, its high altitude makes it prone to landslide and thunderstorms.

Be careful while trekking and hiking the mountain. It is best to visit Darjeeling during the summer to avoid unpredictable natural calamities. You will also get to see the snow leopard, Assamese Macaque, and Himalayan Black Bear around the Mountain region. The beautiful and wide variety of flora, picturesque waterfalls, and tea plantations make Kanchenjunga the first and most popular tourist destination.

The Foggy and Wonderful Darjeeling Railway Station

Darjeeling Himalayan railway is known for the adventurous ride. If you have never boarded a toy train before, Darjeeling railway station is a perfect destination to experience a beautiful ride. On the way to the city, you will explore snow-covered land and a magnificent view of the gigantic mountains. The background is all about Darjeeling Himalayas. This toy train passes through several tunnels and stations, giving you a memorable train ride. Darjeeling railway line is considered the world’s most famous railway track because of its great height and amazing backdrop.

The railway station was inaugurated in the 18th century. Standing at a height of 7,000 feet from the sea level, the train covers 14 railway stations until it finally reaches Darjeeling. The journey starts from Siliguri and ends in Darjeeling. It is a 78 kilometers drive filled with scenic views, natural beauty, lush greenery, snow-capped Himalayas, and tunnels.

Tiger Hill

A lot of tourists gather around Tiger Hill in the morning to watch the picturesque sunrise view from this viewpoint. Tiger hill is a 7,407 feet tall mountain. It is a perfect destination spot for trekkers who want to walk up to the mountain. There are many trekking trails that lead you to the top point of Tiger Hill. A 11 kilometers drive from the main city, Tiger Hill is a beautiful viewpoint for sightseeing-lovers. If you want to admire the beauty of the entire Darjeeling city from a height, then Tiger Hill is your spot.

You can book a safe and comfortable cab service in Darjeeling to reach the Tiger hill. Navigating your way around this mountain is going to be real fun and adventure. Near this hill, you will find several tea stalls and snack shops that offer mouthwatering and flavorful tea. If you want to have the best experience in Darjeeling, then get to the Tiger Hill top and watch the beauty of the entire city while sipping your favorite tea. Other than tea stalls, you can buy some cultural items from the accessories and apparel stores near this area.

Sandakphu – The Spiritual Land

Darjeeling also has some sacred places for tourists. Lying between Nepal and West Bengal, Sandakphu is located at a height of 11,941 feet. From the peak, you can view the world’s tallest Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga Mountain. Covered in snow, this spiritual land accommodates different species of flora and fauna. As you reach the summit, you will want to stand here for a while and feel inner peace. You must avail a dependable car hire in Darjeeling with driver and visit Sandakphu to create amazing memories.

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