Did You Know That Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado – Can’t Smoke It in Public 

If you haven’t travelled or vacationed in Colorado, you are really missing out on a beautiful part of the United States. Trinidad Colorado is a very small town that tourists used to just stop by until marijuana was legalized. Well now one of the most popular hotels is known as having 420 friendly hotel Colorado as that is the number of rooms that Tower 64 has.

Largest motel

This hotel or motel in Trinidad Colorado also has an RV park with full hook-ups. So where are all these people coming from? Since marijuana was made legal in Colorado, this small town now has over 10 shops to buy marijuana or medical marijuana. But they have a law that there is no smoking in public – so get a room at Tower 64 the largest motel in Trinidad Colorado. They are on the state line with New Mexico so that is where a lot of their customers come from.

Lots to see and do

But there is plenty to do and see in Trinidad, most of it in walking distance especially the museums with three or more. There is also an excellent community theatre. There is a beautiful lake with all types of water activities. And Colorado is a backpacker’s paradise – and great to camp-out with the entire family.

More about Trinidad

Trinidad is county seat of Las Animas County, Colorado, and the most populous city. Their current population is estimated to be 8,771 which are small to have so many attractions.


Since the legalization of marijuana, they have some interesting articles on their website. For example, you owe it to your young kids to talk about facts on marijuana, its effects on health and the consequences of using it underage. It doesn’t matter whether you are parent, coach or teacher, it is important because your words have power.


Interesting town in Trinidad Colorado, and if you happen to be in this area, stop and visit – you will love it and probably come back often.





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