England by Motorhome, Top Destinations You’ve Never Seen

England has some stunning sites that are perfect for visiting by motorhome. Whether you’re looking to rent a campervan or head off with your own vehicle, this list breaks down some of the best places to visit in England by motorhome, including some hidden gems.

1. Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean in the Cotswolds is a spectacular part of the English countryside which has inspired poets, painters and playwrights for centuries. A visit in autumn is ideal when the forest foliage is in its most dreamlike colours, but the forest and hills are perfect all year round. The area is bordered by the River Wye and River Severn, as well as many quaint and traditional English villages, making it a perfect place to explore by van. You can start your adventure in the Cotswolds by looking at the best campervan rental prices in the area.

2. Yorkshire Dales

Providing you’re not lugging around a giant motorhome; the Yorkshire Dales is a stunning region of England which encompasses part of the Northern Pennines. It is well worth a trip by campervan with plentiful campsites for a round trip. With plenty of charming local towns and villages — including Hawes, the famous site of Wensleydale creamery — to explore, the area is rich in breath taking natural beauty. Whether you plan on doing some serious fell walking or a gentler ramble along streams, valleys and moors, the Yorkshire Dales should be at the top of your to-do list.

3. Cornish Coast

Fans of rugged coastlines should venture around Cornwall. However, given that this spot is particularly popular with UK tourists in summer, it would be better looking for a trip in the off-season when campsites are less crowded and beaches more secluded. Even in bustling summer months, you can find areas of tranquillity and quiet.

4. Forest of Bowland

Nestled underneath the more popular (and busy) Lake District, the Forest of Bowland is a paradise for wildlife watchers. Despite what the name suggests, Bowland is not really a forest but an area of outstanding natural beauty. The southern area consists of the infamous Pendle Hill (of Pendle Witch folklore), with plenty of fell and lowland areas primed for bird spotting. This is a must for long, but gentle, country walks.

5. Northumberland Coast

Another coastal region well worth a trip by campervan, Northumberland’s seaside areas offer some of England’s best vantage points out to the North Sea. Areas like Budle Bay are particularly campsite friendly, offering peace and quiet surrounded by wildlife. You can explore Holy Island, the tidal island site of Lindisfarne Castle, renowned for its place in the Viking and Norman histories of England. Bamburgh Castle, another site of Viking conquest, also lies just along the coast. A campervan hire in Northumberland is a must for history buffs.

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