Enjoying the Rural Nagarkot Village

Nagarkot Village, Nepal

photo credit : plusgood

Nagarkot is a village on the hill which lies at a height of 2175 meters and situated about 32 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal in Bhaktapur district. It is one of international tourist destinations with wonderful views. The sunrise vie is the most favorite here when the weather is clear enough. Therefore, visitors often spend the night there to get the breathtaking view of sunrise. Nagarkot is not only famous from its sunrise; however it is also famous as the best spot to view the Mount Everest.

Nagarkot is nicely visited in spring, when surrounding is full of colorful flowers from various species. It is surrounded by the pine trees and forested hills. This rural place is the right place for you to find peace and fresh air, the characteristics of rural spot. Those convenient are completed with the beautiful view that cannot be enjoyed in only a day. Usually visitors have 2 or 3 days to visit Nagarkot. They arrive at afternoon, have self hike around Nagarkot and enjoying the fantastic of sunset view. In the next morning, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking sunrise over Mount Everest. Hiking is the suggested activity but riding pony can also bring any sensational experiences. There are many destinations around Nagarkot that offers scenic scenery. All is about nature and beautiful.

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