Excursions El gouna Egypt & Gouna Beaches BEST holidays at any time in year in Hurghada Egypt

Excursions el gouna egypt the resort has a large number of water channels, which makes each house or villa or chalet private beach and most of these aqueducts were built on the bridges of a small stone to facilitate mobility

excursions el gouna egypt the resort has two beaches:

  • Zitouna Beach Beach
  • Mangrove Beach and Beach

 Al-Jouneh is characterized by its architectural character, which combines the Islamic, Indian and ancient Egyptian civilizations.

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excursions el gouna egypt – Services available in Jounieh

Al Gouna offers a variety of services and facilities for guests and guests

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Large shopping centers
  • Open cinema
  • Information center for tourists
  • General services such as pharmacy, hospital and private airport
  • Gas stations
  • Auto rescue winch
  • Means of transport

Al Gouna always tries to discover customers’ desires to develop the services they need in the future before they look forward to it

Excursions el gounaegypt – Restaurants:

The catering program at the hotels and restaurants allows you to enjoy a unique variety of dishes in a selection of restaurants and hotels in El Gouna Excursions

El Gouna Hospital

There is also a fully equipped hospital

Provides emergency care 24 hours a day

There is also care inside and outside the hospital and there is a high-pressure room for diving emergencies

The hospital has a total of 10 clinics with highly qualified doctors performing surgical operations, high quality medical care and care in the fields of dentistry, plastic surgery, paediatrics, ophthalmology, general surgery and intensive care with ambulances serving the Red Sea region.

Elgouna Hospital is a unique art collection combining the art of architecture and the quality of high technological equipment that provide comprehensive comprehensive medical services.

Al Jouna Hospital serves thousands of tourists who visit the Red Sea each year through a highly qualified medical staff in all specialties

excursions el gounaegypt – Schools in El Jouna:

El Gouna is home to a variety of primary, primary and secondary schools

 El Gouna International School

 Elgouna international school

  • Al Jouna International School was established in 1998
  • This school meets the needs of a diverse international community
  • The school staff consists of 35 teachers and many assistants
  • Children represent about 20 different sexes
  • Staff from the British Isles, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, America and Egypt
  • Children can start their studies at the age of three and a half with excursions el gounaegypt.


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