Experience Surreal And Spend Your Vacation At Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If the wanderlust in you has been awakened recently and you’ve run off to Finland to satiate the hunger, then don’t forget to spend a few days at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort.

Located in the north of Finland, an approx. Of 10 km from Saariselka, this artic resort stands hidden like a lost jewel amongst the wilderness.

Tourist can either fly in from Helsinki or take a bus ride from Saariselka, after landing from Ivalo.

Wondering why one touring Finland shouldn’t miss out this little resort? Then check out these following reasons:

  1. The hotel details

One thing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort will promise you is aesthetics. Cascaded by snow, with cute little igloos, an occasional flash of Aurora Borealis and a mystifying Artic forest, you are sure to feel the surrealism and experience nature at its best.

This resort encompasses two villages- the East Village and West Village. The East village boasts of a few queen suites igloos, while the west offers an igloo bar along with Kelo igloos, glass reception, restaurants etc.

According to famous blogger Sonam Lakhani, the best part about the resort is staying in those glass igloos.

Designed with thermal glass to avoid frost, these igloos possess cosy recliner beds, with a washroom and area for luggage. The striking part is the igloos being half covered in snow and glass deliver a striking view of the wilderness outside.

The feeling of being disconnected from outside world helps a soul rejuvenate and recover amidst a soothing ambience.

Tourists would experience paradise on earth, and forget all that worries them, as the beauty of this place is ever consuming.

  1. Snow activities in abundance

Don’t let cold be the barrier to enjoying your stay as Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. The reason is it offers numerous snow activities to participate in –

  • Ice skiing
  • Ice fishing
  • Husky sleigh rides
  • A tour of the Northern lights
  • Reindeer Safaris
  • A trip to Santa Village

Additionally, for those who wish to warm their bellies can visit Igloo pub in the west village as mentioned.

  1. Food Lovers are in for a treat

Often frigid countries don’t have proper food amenities. However at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, one can relish the feel of consuming ‘home’ food. Breakfast offers regular cereal, eggs, and fruits with chicken or veg soup.

Lunch and dining options are customs made to satisfy guest’s taste buds. From cheesy grilled meat steaks to cheese soups, this hotel offers fresh food.

Besides, for all those night birds, the glass igloos came with a larder for letting tourists stack up on their favourite snacks to munch in.

Situated far in Finland’s outskirts, one cannot expect the necessary WiFi connections in the igloos itself except the reception.

However, the whole purpose of visiting this place is to rediscover and relish nature’s beauty and unwind. So, live off social media a bit and give Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort a visit to experience tranquillity.

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