Bosnian Pyramid

Facts and Pictures of Bosnian Pyramid in Visoko, Bosnia

Bosnian Pyramid Picture

One of the most famous wonders of nature in Europe is the Bosnian Pyramid which is also known as Visocica Hill. Located in the town of Visoko near the capital city of Sarajevo, the pyramid is the first discovered pyramid in Europe. Bosnian Pyramid has some controversial history and culminated in 2005 when the media announced that it is the largest man made pyramids. With the high about 213 meters this pyramid shaped geometric like the others. According to some sources, the pyramid was built about 12.000 BC to 500 BC. It consists of some parts, they are Pyramid of Sun, Pyramid of Moon, Pyramid of Love, Pyramid of Earth and Pyramid of Boson. For those of you who loves about research, the Bosnian Pyramid is one of the interesting objects to observed.

Photo Pyramid of the Sun

Bosnian Pyramid

Picture of Bosnian Pyramid

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