Notre Dame de Tournai

Famous Historic Building of The Notre Dame de Tournai, Belgium

Notre Dame de Tournai Picture

As many countries in Europe, historic buildings also become one of main attractions in Belgium. As every body knows, the historic buildings in Europe usually includes cathedral, castle, fortress and etc. Here will be review about the cathedral in Belgium namely The Notre Dame de Tournai. Almost all historic buildings in the world protected by UNESCO, the Notre Dame de Tournai cathedral also included. The cathedral was built in 12 century and was built in Gothic style architecture with its characteristic five bell towers. As one of the most beautiful cathedral in Europe, The Notre Dame de Tournai always become a tourist attraction in Belgium that visited by many people. The things that you should do at the cathedral are see the Roman Sculptures, see the paintings of Rubens and Jordaens, beautiful relics, an Arras tapestry, see artistic church windows and many others. So, what are you waiting for. Visit the Roman city of Tournai in Belgium and enjoy the beauty of The Notre Dame de Tournai.

Notre Dame de Tournai

Picture of Notre Dame de Tournai

Notre Dame de Tournai Photo

Notre Dame de Tournai Pic

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