Find Fold Down Campers for Sale in Rochester NY

The joy of camping

The touch with nature is such a relief from the stressed life. Everybody should be able to escape now and then from the city jungles and hit the road to somewhere into the open spaces. Camping is a great way to charge batteries and to reconnect with nature. For such an adventure you would need the appropriate equipment.

A fold down camper is a great choice to take with you to the remote landscapes. But making the right choice is not easy especially since it is quite an expense. If you are a family on the budget somewhere in the state of New York,  fold down campers for sale in Rochester NY would be a good place to start looking.


What makes fold down campers a great choice

They are like portable houses, able to shelter you if the weather in the outdoors gets bad. They give you that sense of comfort needed even when you are out there into the wild.

These campers are easy on your vehicles, since they are partially constructed of canvas, or vinyl, which makes them light and save efforts on operating and towing them.

The adjustable construction of the campers makes them comfortable height-wise. The standard hard sized campers might have spares on height and therefore be a bit uncomfortable for taller people. This construction also adds to the airiness of the interior which is also an important thing for the comfort feeling.

When your adventure into the wild is over, your camper needs to be stored somewhere until the next time. These campers are handy since they fold down to a much smaller package that can be easily stored somewhere in your yard or even in the garage.


What to look for when buying a fold down camper in Rochester NY

Have in mind your camping preferences before buying, and think over thoroughly about where you are going to use your trailer.

If you prefer campgrounds with provided conveniences such as electricity plugins, water supply/sewage facilities and similar, then you do not need a fully equipped trailer. Camping in the mountains most probably does not need an air conditioning system. But if you and your family opt for camping in the wild areas, make a list of all the necessities your camper would require. At this link, you can read more about the technical basics you should start with when buying such a trailer.

An electrical service or a power generator would be the first at the list. Kitchen amenities go with the electricity, and the refrigerator is important to be spacious enough since you will need more of your supplies to be preserved fresh for longer periods if you are going to camp in remote areas.

The camper should also have at least basic toilet facilities. Always check how the toilet system is designed since you do not want unpleasant surprises while camping.

The storage space should be able to fit all your necessities, depending on how much stuff you tend to carry.

The seating setup and the spaciousness of the sleeping area are important features. The trailer should count enough seating places for all the members of your family, and to provide enough beds for everybody, knowing that commodity at night is important. For sure you will be spending most of your camping time outside, but you should be prepared to spend some time inside if the weather is not favorable.

And with weather that will make you stay inside you might also want your camper to have a TV or at least a stereo.

The unpredictable weather dictates as well the importance of the material used for the fold down camper. It should be thick and durable enough to protect you against bad weather and to serve you for many years to come.


Buying a fold down camper is a significant investment and should be thought over thoroughly. The right choice out of the huge number of various models offered at the market may be hard to make. Making a choice that will mostly fit the needs of your family will add extra pleasure to the adventures you are planning to have.



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