Becoming a pilot is one dream that many people might have had in their childhood.  The mere thought of flying high in the sky excites children. The challenge the job of a pilot brings in and the opportunity that it provides to explore different parts of the world attract the youth.

An aircraft pilot controls an aircraft. Once the flight starts, they are responsible for the safety of the passengers and the plane. Different countries have different requirements for pilot training. There are a number of institutions offering pilot training around the world. The training covers many aspects and includes many flight hours. On completion of the training, the person should undergo a flying test. After successfully completing the flying test, a pilot license will be obtained. Different licenses require different sets of medical exams to be successfully completed. Having a license establishes the fact that the holder has the required skills, knowledge and experience. A private pilot license will be obtained first.  A commercial pilot license is required for one to be hired as a pilot. This requires completion of more flight hours. Instrument rating (an add-on rating) is required for the pilots to fly in conditions of reduced visibility, like rain, haze, night flights etc. Commercial pilots with an instrument rating and having extensively high flight hours can become an Airline Transport Pilot. There are other types of licenses like sport pilot certificate and multi-crew license. All types of licenses must be renewed every 24 months by undergoing a review process with a certified instructor.

There is an increasing demand for pilots all over the world. If one has a passion for flying, enrolling in a pilot training programme will be a good idea. Getting a pilot license may be a step towards a high profile and fulfilling job.

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