Going on a Sailing Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

Recreational boating is a favorite among globally. Statistics indicate that over 87 million adults participate in the activity annually. Preparing for a sailing vacation could be both exciting as well as daunting. We discuss the crucial aspects that could help anyone interested in organizing for vacations on chartered yachts.
1.    Choose a destination
Would you like to sail in the Caribbean, Croatia, Greece or Turkey? There are quite a number of sailing destinations all of which are uniquely wonderful. While Turkey affords you a chance to explore some ancient ruins as you enjoy the sparkling waters, the Netherlands are full of culture and charm. You could also visit islands such as Mykonos, Saronic, and Greek Islands.
2.    Select the appropriate yacht
The yacht to choose will be largely influenced by factors that go beyond its mechanical condition. Such could include your financial capability, the number of people you are going with, and your preferred charter region. One assumption that most people make is that the larger the yacht, the safer it is. Huge chartered yachts will be stressful to maneuver if you are sailing in tight spaces while smaller ones might constrain you in terms of the luggage you bring along.
3.    Decide whom you should charter with
This is a special occasion which should go as smoothly as possible. Select people with whom you have a similar sense of adventure and that you can get along with. Discuss all the individual preferences and come to a common ground. Make sure that everyone is aware of the budget.
4.    Decide on whether you need a captain or not
Do you or anyone you are going on holiday with have sailing abilities? If yes, are they comfortable sailing through unfamiliar waters? Most authorities, except Greece, require that chartered yachts have at least one person who has a skipper’s license. It would, however, be wise to have at least two experienced sailors in the boat. If not, you need to budget for a captain.
5.    Stock up for the holiday
You will need to stock up provisions such as food, drinks, and clothing. Depending on your destination, there could be local markets from which you can pick provisions. In that case, you only need to carry a few things such as sunscreen, wind jacket, a sun hat, and deck shoes along with provisions that will last you to the next market.
When it’s time to set sail, relax and enjoy. While not everybody is prone to motion sickness, it is better to be prepared. Relax and focus on your breathing and engage in some mental activity as playing games or reading could worsen the symptoms. As well, avoid drinking alcohol or eating a lot.

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