How To Spend 5 Days In Memphis

Memphis is not in line with the big US tourist cities like Los Angeles, Miami, or New Your City. However, the Tennessee city boasts a lot of history and adventure that can keep tourists entertained all week long. With its deep connection to music and food, Memphis may turn out to be a surprise choice for tourists who want to avoid big cities and get to learn more about life in Grind City.

Friendly Reminder for International Tourists

Before you plan on visiting Memphis, you need to make sure that you have all of your travel documents prepared. If you are from another country, you need to secure an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization, otherwise known as ESTA. The document serves as your USA Visa and will allow you access to visits for about 90 days. Tourists will find it easy to secure the ESTA Visa since it is an online application that takes less than 15 minutes to fill up. You can start planning your visit once you get your USA ESTA visa.

Take a Historical Trip

Some of the most critical moments in the USA and pop culture history happened in Memphis. In 1968, American activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. To honor his work for the civil rights movement, the National Civil Rights Museum stands erect and displays the history of slavery during the 1960s and the movement that reshaped the country.

Memphis is also home to Elvis Presley, one of the most iconic performers in the world. Tourists will have a good time going around Graceland, the residence of the King of Rock n’ Roll. Visitors may also visit the Sun Studio, where Elvis started what turned out to be a glorious career in music.

Engage in Memphis Sports Culture

Fans of the Memphis Redbirds baseball team would love to visit the AutoZone Park. The huge stadium allows tourists to see the 2018 Pacific Coast League winners in action as they head up to the big league. The experience with hometown fans will have tourists enjoy barbecue-flavored nachos and a local Ghost River beer. The ballpark also presents a beautiful fireworks display on Saturday nights.

If you are a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, then you should visit the FedExForum. The National Basketball Association basketball team calls the stadium home. With a rugged and hard-nosed style of play, the Grizzlies represent a grit and grind atmosphere that birthed the nickname, “Grindhouse,” for the stadium.

Try the Delicious Delicacies

Tourists will expect to see a lot of soul food and barbecue in Memphis, but each restaurant has its own unique style. The Flight restaurant exudes elegance and class with every steak plate served. Restaurant Iris pays homage to Southern cooking while creating a fine-dining atmosphere. Meanwhile, Alcenia’s restaurant remains determined to maintain the feeling of family dining with its delicious soul food dishes. If tourists want a taste of the best barbecue in Memphis, they can head to Central BBQ as well.

There are a lot of outdoor activities that can keep tourists coming back to Memphis. If you want to stay in Grind City for five days, then you will find that Memphis has a lot in store for you.

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