Indian Trains: A Traveller’s Survival Guide


The Himalayan Queen, the Grand Trunk Express, the Deccan Odyssey … the very names of India’s trains are expressive of timeless style as well as old-school experience.

Presented by the British East India Business, tracks were very first laid throughout the country in the late 1800s to transport troops. Only after freedom in 1947 did the focus switch to passenger trains– now, Indian Trains is the largest employer in the nation.

Today, there’s constantly an aspect of adventure to a trip through India on the rails. Below’s everything you require to recognize before travelling by train in India from

1. Book Ahead Of Time

Reserving opens up 60 days before traveling, and long-distance trains get filled up quickly, implying that only the shortest journeys can be arranged on the day. It’s frequently feasible to book at your hotel reception, but realize that you might have to pay a little “admin” charge.

If you organize your trip at a train station, avoid any type of promotes, head right for the reservation desk and leave on your own plenty of time– it’s not the fastest system in the world.

You can also reserve online, though it’s not as easy is click as well as pay. Initially, you’ll require to create an account on IRCTC (Indian Trains’ main website), which will certainly call for an Indian contact number for verification. You can navigate this by emailing the firm with a photocopy of your passport.

Once you have your IRCTC login, you might discover the site a little clunky, so it’s much easier to utilize another travel booking website such as Cleartrip to in fact get your tickets (you’ll still require to enter your IRCTC login information at payment stage).

2. Do Not Worry If Your Ticket Says “Waitlisted”

If there are no tickets readily available at the time of reservation, you’ll be offered a book ticket, either “RAC Waiting list” or “Waiting list”.

With an “RAC” (reservation against cancellation) ticket, you can board the train, though you might not obtain the seat/class you sought. The ticket will be confirmed if enough individuals cancel as well as, as many people book much beforehand, there is a high opportunity of this occurring.

” Waitlist” suggests that all validated and also RAC tickets have been offered. You’ll obtain a number with your waitlisted ticket– if your number is lower than ten, there’s a likelihood that your ticket will certainly be validated. To find out whether you have obtained a seat on the train, you can inspect at the station on the day, where you’ll discover a seating graph published up on the terminal notification board, or look online to see whether your standing has actually transformed.

3. Select Your Course Thoroughly

Indian trains are usually divided right into 8 courses– though they are not all readily available on all trains (it typically depends upon the distance as well as line you’re taking a trip on).

There are three air-conditioned sleeper classes: AC1 (extraordinary) is one of the most expensive, with four-bed cubicles, but a lot of tourists pick AC2 (two-tier bunks) or AC3 (three-tier bunks) for long or over night journeys.

These 3 courses offer a covering, sheet as well as pillow for the trip and also have fold-out bunks so you can get some good slumber. With two-tier bunks, AC2 is a little quieter and also more comfy than AC3; select a side berth for the very best home window sight or a leading bunk generally berth for the greatest opportunity of rest.

SL (sleeper class) is more affordable yet, ironically, you might not get that much rest. Seats is arranged in open berths with 3 rates of bunks, however bedding isn’t provided. While it is a reserved carriage, there have a tendency to be even more individuals than bunks. Although it obtains quite crowded, sleeper course is actually an excellent choice for daytime trips, as it has a tendency to be quite sociable.

CC (cool chair vehicle) has upright, aircraft-style seating, which is a great wager for brief journeys, as are the various other chair classes, FC (extraordinary) as well as EC (executive).

TWO (2nd course) is the most inexpensive option, with upright benches, but it’s unreserved which implies that there’s commonly a scrum for seats. You’ll only actually intend to book 2nd course if you get on a limited budget and also taking a short trip.

4. Strike Up A Conversation

You may well discover that several of your ideal memories are of the conversations you carry train journeys. People are really happy to chat, and also one of one of the most delightful methods to pass the time is to learn more about individuals around you.

5. Don’t Anticipate To Be Promptly

Indian train schedules are renowned for being, well, a little relaxed. Trains can be delayed for anything from a number of minutes to a number of hrs, so be sure to organize any links with plenty of backup time integrated in. System announcements will certainly allow you recognize whether your train is working on time.

6. Maintain Your Belongings Secure

While most of individuals are reliable, thieves do operate trains, and if you’re asleep on a top bunk you’ll have no way to stop them robbery your things. You’ll see that several citizens connect their bags to the underside of their seats with a chain and lock, and also it’s recommended to do the same.

7. Don’t Depend On The Train Food

Several trains provide on-board meals, however the food is rather variable in common (and also sanitation). Trains stop briefly for around twenty minutes at each quit on fars away, so there’s time to jump off and also buy some food or a chai on the platform. Conversely …

8. Order Takeaway To The System

It’s currently feasible to get takeaway dishes to Indian rail stations. The food is supplied to the system, so you can accumulate it prior to you board or at a stop en route or at your location. There are a variety of on the internet takeaway solutions particularly customized to educate journeys. Attempt if you have actually a validated ticket– simply enter your PNR (booking) code and choose a restaurant near your preferred station. Bored of curry? You can even contact a regional Domino’s for a pizza.

9. Unwind And Enjoy The Ride

India is such a vast country that most tourists only take care of to experience a tiny area of its culture. With a train window, you can catch looks of absolutely country India, from the deserts of Jaisalmer to rice paddies in Maharashtra and most-capped hillside terminals.


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