Is there Life in the Ghost Town

Surely you at least once heard information that almost all settlements around the Chernobyl NPP were evacuated as soon as possible – 1-2 days after the explosion. The longest period, which can still be seen quite often in the media, is 2-3 months. Today we are ready to dispel this myth known to many and tell the whole truth about whether there is life in a ghost town.

Indeed, people have been taken out of such cities as Pripyat and Chernobyl very quickly, however, more remote, though not less contaminated by radiation, villages and cities have existed for quite a long time.

Now the uninhabited city of Polessky, located in the exclusion zone, namely in its western part, right up to the collapse of the USSR, was full of life. Located at such a remote distance from the power station was considered quite safe, and the authorities even wanted to create from Polessky an example of an ideal city that perfectly functions in a zone not too far from the site of the tragedy. Only in the 90s the territory was recognized as dangerous for human health and life due to the large accumulation of cesium-137 on it. After that, all the people were immediately evacuated. Chernobyl, unlike Pripyat, is now fit for life:

  • They life and work in the power station on a rotational basis
  • Old houses were reconstructed and converted into dormitories
  • On the territory, even a hostel was built for those who visit Chernobyl as a tourism destination

Even after the explosion at the fourth power unit, people living in contaminated areas.

New life in the Exclusion Zone

The world-famous catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant claimed the lives of thousands of people, but instead created a new one. For thirty years of existence, without people, the life on the spot of the tragedy with renewed vigor. Now the place, called “ghost town” is literally full of wild animals.

The territory can easily compete in the number and size of populations of wolves, eagles, foxes and other wild animals with the most famous world reserves and national parks. Here, brown bears are also excellent, which are becoming less and less common in the wild.

In Chernobyl, lynx, moose, roe deer, river otters, wild boars and even several species of bats listed in the International Red Book can also be found without ceremony.

Thanks to the private company STALKERway, you have a unique opportunity to visit the place, enveloped in an endless array of legends and stories. Even having gone on tour for one or two days, you are guaranteed to earn yourself an impression for a year ahead. A trip to the famous ghost town is impossible to forget. Source web-site:

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