Let’s Make Your Tour To Elbrus The Most Amazing Experience Of Your Life


Are you are passionate, professional, experienced or amateur climber? If yes, then you should definitely plan a tour to Elbrus. This is the highest summit in the European region and is located in southern Russia. It consists of two summits and is a dormant volcano which last erupted 2000 years ago. If you will visit it, then you can clearly see the debris of erupted lava. People who visit this place and climb to the highest point of this summit, they can never forget this experience. If you talk about the conditions for the climbers, you must know that it is relatively easy to climb as compare to any other popular and highest mountains that are visited by the climbers across the globe. To climb the Elbrus, you are not supposed to be a professional climber. If you are amateur climber, even then it can be pretty a doable thing for you, but of course with proper information, homework and a professional and trained guide with you. Moreover, you should have the right gears with you.

You cannot ignore one thing that every year around 15 to 20 people die while climbing this mountain. So please be careful and go there through proper channel and with complete preparation. Let’s tell you some tips that will help you experience the most thrilling and exciting climbing.

  1. Know the mountain:

It is a mountain and has a northern location, so the amount of oxygen will natural be less in the air. So it will make your breathing difficult. This mountain has two peaks including the east summit with the height of 5621m and west summit with the height of 5642m.

  1. The best time for climbing:

You cannot plan your trip to Elbrus at any time of the year. It can be dangerous and life threatening this way. Try to climb the mountain only in the month of Julyand first half of the month of August. These are the safest months having predictable weather conditions and with relatively warm temperature. The bright sunshine will let you enjoy the whole climbing experience in the best possible way.

  1. Easy and comfortable stay:

On even base camp you can find barrels, coffee shops and souvenir shops. So your stay can be comfortable and enjoyable both. If your budget is big then you can even rent big containers in which you will get the facility of two bedrooms, electricity which is available after 07:00pm, a kitchen with the option of gas stove and a toilet outside the container. You can even take your own camping tent with you. Just try to choose a spot a wind protected place as the wind could get very wild at time. This can be the cheapest way of accommodating yourself there but of course with very less facility and comfort.

  1. Acclimatize yourself:

In order to finish climbing comfortably, enjoyably and safely, it is very important for you to doright acclimatization for that drink enough water, take more rest, exercise less, when climbing higher, sleep just lower and take a Diamox with you.

This is how you can easily plan your trip to Elbrus and can bring memories along with you.

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