There are numerous features that the park has to offer which many go to enjoy seeing in their tours. The sights range from lakes, wildlife, mountains, glaciers to even more fascinating things like roads which portray utmost elegance in the park. In addition to that, the park provides different ecosystems making, and thus the park provides diverse features that are constantly transforming. In this article, you’ll get equipped with some of the best, and main sights that you’ll have to include in your Glacier National Park itinerary.

  1. Going-To-The-Sun Road.

This is one of the most fascinating sights that the park has to offer. The road cuts through the park from east to west of the park passing through the top-notch features of the park. The features that you’ll pass through sceneries that range from lakes, peaks of mountains and also glacier on some of the mountains. You’ll also get to enjoy seeing the snowcapped mountains which will make your drive full of fun. There are options on how you can get to the road, and one that will be more efficient will be driving up the road by yourself. Other alternatives will be renting a shuttle, or also get engaged in the red bus tour.

  1. Lake McDonald Valley. 

This is the largest lake in the park covering 10 miles of the Glacier National Park. The lake is in a U-carved valley which was made so by the powerful glacier 1000 years ago. Apart from the lakes, there are also other features such as various types of animals and plants that will make the environment charming and full of pleasure. You’ll also enjoy viewing the peaks surrounding the lake together with waterfalls which can be easily accessed. Once you’re done with your tour around the lake, you can visit the Lake McDonald Lodge, where you can have a rest after the long of touring.

  1. Grinnell glacier. 

This is the most photographed site in the park. The viewpoint’s altitude reaches 1600, and easily accessed by use of company shuttles, and also trailheads in the Logan pass. Apart from the glaciers, people have often enjoyed seeing the diverse species of animals and plants that the place has to offer. Some of the animals that people enjoyed to see are marmots, bears, mountain goats, and the famous bighorn sheep. Hiking is a hectic alternative to access the viewpoint and thus boat tours are highly suggested.

  1. Apgar Nature Center.

The park is very conducive for the visitors as it is situated within a trail of cedars in a built cabin. Being one of the official park centers, it is highly efficient for you to bring your kids as they will find some fascinating things like bear fur. There is also a variety of birds that you’ll listen to and try to find which type of bird produces that type of sound. The park also educates about the type of plants and animals found in it and also explains how they adapt to that kind of habitat. Visitors often make a stopover at this nature center to gather information about the weather, pending constructions, bear sightings to ensure that their tour is precise.

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