Make The Most of Your Weekend By Visiting Indio And Banning Situated in California

Indio is a small town around the Riverside County jurisdiction situated in California. It is present in the Coachella Valley of Southern California Colorado territory. Also known as the City of Festivals, there are many festivals organized throughout the year. The most prominent of them all is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. On the other hand, Banning is also situated in California with less than 35,000 residents within its borders. The best reasons to visit Banning is to enjoy the natural surroundings and peaceful backdrop.

Tourists can visit both these places for a lovely weekend trip with their family and friends. You have different activities to take part in when you are either of these two towns. Let’s take a look at the top things you can do in Banning and Indio in the following segments. On a different note, you can visit Doobie Banning Dispensary and order good marijuana products.

Best Things To Do In Banning

Banning is the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway from the city. There are many things you can do here. Check here –

  • If you are a fan of hiking then there are several hiking trails that you can follow in Banning. The most famous of them is the Idyllwild trail. You can also visit the San Jacinto National Park situated very close to this trail. The hike goes through beautiful pine forest and pristine lakes around the valley.

  • Cabazon Dinosaur Museum is the perfect place to take your children and let them have a great time. There are different kinds of life sized models of dinosaurs and skeletons. You can even shop for some goodies at the gift shop.

  • Joshua Tree National Park is easily the most prominent attraction in Banning. Take a jeep tour through the park and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The serenity and peaceful environment helps you to relax your mind when you’re here.

Best Places To Eat in Indio

Indio has some great options when it comes to different restaurants and eateries. So, here are the best places where you can eat in Indio –

  • Head to the Heirloom Craft Kitchen to enjoy a good spread of pasta, noodles, salads, and cheesecake French Toast. The cozy and warm vibes of the eatery gives you a very wonderful feeling.

  • Big Rock Pub is one of the most popular bars and restaurants in Indio. It is a rock themed pub they serve a great selection of drinks they can help you feel the brilliant ambience. Don’t forget to try their Meat Lover’s flatbread, and bread pudding to satisfy your hunger.

  • Reflecting a posh and classy mood at all times, Twelve is one of the premium restaurants in Indio. Order a glass of pure wine or in-house pizza while watching the beautiful views.

These are the top places to eat and enjoy your day in Indio. Don’t forget to check out Doobie Indio Dispensary and shop from their website.

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