Mercedes Benz R-Class – The Luxury of Mini Van and SUV

Mercedes Benz R-Class is a combination of the luxury saloon concepts, a sport station, MPV and SUV. It is MPV because it has six seats, SUV because it uses permanent 4 wheel drive, plus the DSR and off-road function that helps drivers handle the sharp rise. It also is Luxury Saloon because of the material used for the interior of R class and the comfort, the design took the specifications from the concept of a luxury sedan.

Engine Specifications

R500 Series powered by V8 5000cc engine, while the R350 powered by V6 3500cc engine. R500 produces 306 hp at 5600 rpm, while the R350 produces 272 hp at 6000 rpm. The torque of R500 is 460 Nm at 2700 to 4750 rpm, while the R350 produces 350 Nm at 2400-5000 rpm. The R500 acceleration from 0-100km / hour is 7 seconds, while the R350 are able to accelerate from 0-100 km / hour in 8.4 seconds.

The maximum speed of the two series is not too significant, with the maximum speed of R500 is 245 km / hour and R350 is 230 km / hour. To accommodate the speed, R500 uses 18-inch rims (5 twin-spokes) while the R350 uses 17-inch rims (7 twin-spokes).

Safety and Technology

This car is equipped with an electronic lever 7g-tronic (automatic transmission lever which can reach seven speeds). Just like other series of Mercedes-Benz, lighting system of R-class also has auto adjust feature. The system will adjust the lighting that issued by the received light pressure. Mercedes Benz R-Class also has a rain sensor where the wiper will automatically turn on when rain and be adjusted to the rhythm and the amount of rainfall.

The air conditioning systems used by the R-Class is Thermotronic or multi-zone system that allows the temperature on left, right and rear can be set automatically or manually. This system works accordance with the solar sensor that can detect the direction and heat of the sunlight. For the headlights, Mercedes Benz R-Class uses Bi-Xenon light, the best of lighting system at present.

The Bi-Xenon light has three functions: Active Light System, when the speed is between 40-70 km / hour, and when the car will turn then the headlights will follow the path so that the lighting will achieve the maximum lighting. Likewise when the car is up or down, the headlights will adjust automatically. There’s also the Cornering Light which functions to provide the further warning to the vehicles or people around the car if the car wants to spin (not the sign or the turning light).

The other safety systems are ABS, ESP, BAS, and alarms to prevent from the theft. For the R500 series, there is another feature that is keyless-Go, a feature that allows the driver to start the engine without removing the key from the bag.

Multimedia and Comfort

For multimedia, the Mercedes Benz R-Class has similar features with S-Class series or CL-Class series. The COMAND APS feature that integrates the radio, DVD, and the operation of the phone is one of them.

Six CD changer (MP3 support) with 20 audio systems with the optional Harmon Kardon Logic 7 audio system for USD $ 1,190 is also included in the R-Class multimedia features. Steering wheel equipped with auxiliary controls for audio system, information, and telephone (if available). All seats of Mercedes Benz R-Class are covered with genuine leather with burled-wood accessories that make the interior in the R-Class looks luxurious. In addition, there is a panoramic glass roof for the view of passengers and equipped with interface for I-pod or media player.

The price for a unit of Mercedes-Benz R500 is about USD $71,030.00, while for a unit of Mercedes-Benz R350 is about USD $48,897.00.

Mercedes Benz Leather Seats – The Secrets to Keeping Them Like New!

Taking care of the leather seats of your Mercedes Benz is very important. Why you may ask? The answer; Leather will show signs of wear rather quickly if not properly cared for. This article will tell you some of the ways to care for your seats. For more details available on buy car covers online.

People will sometimes buy a car just for the leather seats. The look, feel and aroma of leather can be intoxicating to some people. Your Mercedes Benz would not look as perfect with cracked faded leather would it? Of course not! To keep that from happening you want to know how to care for your leather seats.

You want to treat your leather like you would your skin. Leather has fibers that need to be cleaned to keep it from cracking and fading. When you clean these fibers you get rid of all the dirt and dust that has congested. Mishandled care of these fibers is what leads to the cracked and damaged leather seats.

The first step to caring for your Mercedes’ leather seats is of course to clean them. While this may sound oh so simple, that is not always the case. Do you know how many leather seat care products are available? You want to find a good and effective cleaner for your seats. Your Mercedes will look even better when you are finished.

You might have already done your research for leather care products. If you haven’t, here are a few products from Amor All, one of the top car care brands.

o Leather Care Gel – This gel will clean and condition fine leather.

o Leather Care Protectant – This protectant will renew and revive the leather

o Leather Wipes – These wipes clean, condition and block against stains, spills and more.

If you choose to use a cleaner that only does just that, you want to be sure and condition the leather next. Conditioning your leather seats will lubricate the fibers helping to prevent cracks and fading. Be sure the conditioner you choose offers a UV protection. I’m sure you have noticed when the sun hits leather it rapidly starts to fade and crack. Using a conditioner that has UV protection will help prevent this.

The cheaper leather seat cleaners will leave a greasy finish on your seats. Avoid this if at all possible! A good product will absorb into the leather therefore giving it the best treatment and care. You only want the best for your car do you not?

Some might think using seat covers on leather seats will help prevent them from cracking and fading. While they won’t fade being blocked by the sun, they can still crack. They will get dry from the heat inside and crease from you sitting on them like normally. Take them off regularly when you clean inside and clean them as well. Just because they are covered does not mean they are not part of the cleaning process!

Treat your Mercedes Benz like what it should be, your baby. You want to take the best care and offer the best love for it.

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