Meteora, The Outstanding Rock in Greece

Meteora Picture

photo credit: cod gabriel

If you miss a natural and outstanding place to be adored, Meteora can be inserted to your list. Meteora is located in Thessaly, Central Greece, and few miles northwest of Kalambaka. The monasteries are the most interesting to see on the top of rock towers. Meteora is one of the best choices to visit. It is not only the pride of Greece, but also the real impressive rocks area. There are twenty four monasteries on the rock with difficult and incredible. This wonderful view from the 15th century and in the 16th century it was painted by the Byzantine.

The name Meteora was taken from Greek term which is mean ‘suspended in the air’. It was built in the really impossible condition, without any good and practical roads, in the old time. The impression of Meterora interests people around the world, even it has become models for any brochures, picture, and film. The producer of James Bond found and was impressive with Meteora and used it in the movie For Your Eyes Only. It was the first time when this rock climbed by the stuntman and today this rocks are climbed by professional and those who want challenge. Meteora is the perfect place for climbing and the challenging paths for hiking. This rock also can be said as the symbol of Greece, and it is often used as the cover of Greece books. That is why Meteora is visited by many tourists the whole year.

Monastery at Meteora

photo credit: cod gabriel

Meteora in Greece

photo credit: cavorite


photo credit: cavorite

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