Penang Island


Penang also has another face, a treasure of natural wonders with endless stretches of golden beaches, turquoise waters, untamed tropical forests and lofty mountain peaks. It remain today one of the region’s most popular destinations and is of the ten seen as ” Asia for beginners” with all the most interesting facets of Asia crammed onto this one tiny island. Penang is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular, Malaysia by the Strait of Malaka. As well as the cultural and historical aspects of Penang, there is a whole island full of beautiful natural wonders, well worth exploring. The northern coastline is an endless succession of sweeping bays and tranquil sandy coves. The blue waters are calm and safe for swimming with dense jungle coming right down to the water’s edge and completely covering the head lands.

Penang’s interior is hilly, densely forested and mostly untouched. If nature walking is your thing then Penang Hill offers some delightful tarils in the colonial surrounds of an old British hill station. Coolly elevated at over 800 meters above the sea level and complete with its own funicular railway. Penang Hill is a refreshing break from the crowds and heat of Geaogetown. Originally cleared by Francis Light to grow strawberries, Penang Hill seems to conveniently encapsulate all the various elements of the island. Its pleasant gardens contain a Hindu temple, a mosque and afford majestic views across the Malaka Straights to mainland Malaysia. With the nearby Kek Lok Si Budisht temple combining Chinese, Thai and Burnesse architecture, this popular hill resort seem to symbolize the harmonious potpourri that is essence of Penang and its people.


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