Philippines’ Best Tourist Destination in Tagaytay City

Beauty of Tagaytay City Picture

For those of you who has planning to vacation in Philippines, there is a interest place to visit in the country namely Tagaytay city. The city is one of the famous cities in Philippines that has many attractions and has visited by many people who come all over the world. The city is located at the highest point, approximately 2500 feet above sea level, making it become a perfect place for picnic. Friendly people and offers so many attractions makes this place so perfect for a vacation. One of the famous attractions of this city is the world’s smallest volcano named Taal volcano where there is a lake nearby with the same name, it is also become a landmark of the city. For the visitors who come with family, Picnic Grove is a perfect attraction. It is a prime location that provide a great location to see the volcano, usually the situation in the weekend is so crowded and cottages available for rent. Residence Inn is the other attraction that is perfect for family vacation, it is a house mini zoo where the kids can learning about animals. The next attraction is People’s Park in the Sky where you can see the four bodies of Taal Lake and see the beauty of Tagaytay city Panorama. Near this place, there is another favorite attraction for family, namely Horseback Riding.

Beautiful View of Tagaytay City Picture

The city of Tagaytay still has many other attractions, they are Paradizoo, Casino Filipino, The Flower Farm, Fruit Stalls and many others. The climate at Tagaytay city about 22.7 degrees Celsius, making it become one of best destination in Summer. The city Tagaytay only located about 55 kilometers from the capital city of Manila, so it is easy to access by various types of transportation’s. For those of you who want to travel to Southeast Asia especially to Philippines, visiting Tagaytay city could be a great choice for your vacation experience.

Residence Inn Picture, Tagaytay City

Photo of Tagaytay City

Picture of Fruit Stalls in Tagaytay

Taal volcano Picture at Tagaytay

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