Santa Maria del Mar, Beautiful Beach in Havana, Cuba

Santa Maria del Mar Photo

Havana is the capital city of Cuba, it is one of the most visited city in the country and famous by its tourist attractions. One of the most interesting sight of Havana are the beaches. Playa del Este is a complex of several beautiful beaches in the city, it is only 25 kilometers from the central of Havana. One of the most popular beaches in Playa del Este is Santa Maria del Mar. Though the beach not very well known by tourists, but the beauty of Santa Maria del Mar beach always makes many people curious to visit it. Crystal water and white sand are the characteristic of this beach. May be it is the most beautiful beach in Playa del Este. But unfortunately, the beach is filled many police officers who will watch the beach until the sunset. The beach has some good accommodations, there are hotels, restaurants, villas and many others. For you who visit Santa Maria del Mar beach, it is a must to try some water sports like sailboat and jet ski.

Santa Maria del Mar Beach Picture

Santa Maria del Mar Beach, Playa del Este

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