Scuba diving in Side Turkey

Near Antalya, following the coast line of the Mediterranean sea, a district called Side is located. Side is a historical archive of Greek and Roman civilizations with ruins of marvelous cities standing on the ground and hidden under the water.

There are many opportunities for scuba diving in Turkey. Its resorts are especially recommended for beginners due to the warm water temperature and long summers. But not only because of this scuba diving tours could be found on almost every resort beaches. Turkey’s location is right in the middle of the two worlds, it is a connection to European and Islamic world. Its territory was always a desired piece of land, which was conquered uncountable amount of times. Due to this, the historical underground of Turkey is enormous, it has ruins left from different ancestors all over the country. Shrines, houses, palaces, parks, completing each other into one city are transformed into museums accessible for tourists.

Side Scuba Diving Tour gives an opportunity to observe the ancient civilizations drawn under the water because of time. Turkey turns a basic diving activity to an exciting expedition when a tourist has a chance to explore ruins of cities, sunken ships and plains, and mysterious never-ending caves.

Side has a unique world under the water. Statues, remains of buildings getting together into streets. Scuba diving in Side is an opportunity to visit unexplored sights and experience a while new feeling of being under the water.

Scuba diving in Side is available for both, children and adults. Prices for one day tour is around 30$ for children and 50$ for adults. The tour includes whole day spent by the sea and two diving sessions in the diving locations. The sessions usually last for 20 minutes and the diving depth is 15-20 meters. In total, this tour takes 8 hours of challenging activities and unforgettable memories.

For beginners who are not sure how to start, some scuba diving clubs have lesson packs sold for affordable prices. They include teachings, diving in the pool and afterwards diving in the sea in the special locations. In overall, a week of teachings with professional instructors will give you a certificate of a diver, which gives an opportunity to dive in more advanced locations and great experience.

Side is a great place for beginners and people acknowledged with scuba diving techniques. Side’s underwater sights will surprise even a very experienced person. Never Forget that there many different Side Excursions available during summer and winter seasons, please follow the link for details.

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