Self Catering vs All-Inclusive: The holiday dilemma

If you’re planning a getaway in 2019, the chances are that you’ll be on the lookout for the best value break for your money. A common dilemma faced by most holidaymakers, is which board type is going to work best for them. Some holidaymakers are self-catering converts in order to keep costs down, whilst other are all-inclusive worshippers – but which one will work out cheaper for you?

With self catering holidays you need to be aware of the surrounding areas, as this is where you’ll likely be venturing out to, check out the food and activities scene. Take self catering Aberdovey as an example, they have huge attractions on their doorstep so there’s no chance of boredom! Explore the local town of Aberdovey, or head further into North Wales and seek out some thrilling adventures.

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your next holiday:

The food and drink

Whether you want to be able to keep healthy snacks in the cupboard for the kids, or like to have a glass or two of your favourite wine with your evening meal, holidaying on a self catered basis will enable you to buy all your favourites for less in local shops, markets or supermarkets – so you can easily enjoy some guilt-free treats.  Holidaying on this basis is also helpful if someone in your group has a special dietary requirement, or if you want to cook familiar homely meals.

With all-inclusive, where the snacks and drinks are thrown in, can be appreciated by parents who have children nagging for expensive snacks. You can treat the whole family without worrying about additional costs. However, if you like eating out at local restaurants think carefully about booking all-inclusive, you may just end up paying for everything twice!

The costs

Self-catering holidays tend to be cheaper to book in the first place and they suit people who are good at sticking to a budget whilst they are away on holiday. They work really well if you’re travelling as part of a larger group as you can split the costs of everything from accommodation, food, drink and other holiday essentials.

All-inclusive holidays mean that you’ve paid for everything essential before you’ve arrived. You can work out the bulk costs of the holiday and then budget for any additional extras, which could include trips out or a special evening meal.

The overall experience

Want the freedom to choose your own mealtimes? Self catering accommodation puts you in charge of your holiday timetable; this includes the freedom to decide when you eat. This flexibility can help to save money as you could pop back to your accommodation after a morning of exploring to have a spot of lunch, or you could even take a packed lunch with you. Self catering can help to make holidaymakers more adventurous in getting to know their new surroundings, as you won’t feel obliged to get involved with pre-organised hotel activities.

Going on an all-inclusive holiday can give you access to a kids’ club and there will usually be regular evening entertainment – you can stick to a set routine everyday with mealtimes and venue sorted out for you. Maybe holidays are your perfect chance to switch off and get away from the stresses of daily life, everything will be on your doorstep and you can be waited on hand and foot.

The result – you decide! Both styles of holidays have their plus points, but you need to make a decision based on your personal holiday requirements.

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