Services offered by Baltimore Car Services

There are many car services in Baltimore that offer hourly service, daily service as well as flat rate point to point such as airport transportation. Many things should be considered when making the choice to use a private car service. A dependable car service eases you from the worry of driving. Not just that, it saves the time and the ability to continue concentrating on what is most important to you. You can be discrete and sensible while traveling in luxury and comfort. Most of the car service providers make sure to update their cars with newer and improved models. You can select your vehicle ranging from SUVs, passenger vans, hybrid sedans, and AWD crossover vehicles according to your need and occasion.

  • Airport Car Service

There are car services that offer to see off and welcoming back services at the airport. Most of the car services include trained professional chauffeurs, the private vehicle with Wi-Fi access and complimentary bottled water while operating completely and fully insured

  • Concierge Service

Whether it is to go to a doctor’s appointment or just running errands to the store there are always car services in Baltimore that are more than just a transportation company. Concierge service is available for picking up dry cleaning, collecting kids, making out of town reservations or dinner reservations, business trip planning, auto detailing, event planning or even to take your cars to be serviced.

  • Corporate Car Service

When it comes to business travels, whether it is for small business, large corporation or individual business travel, the details matter. Some car services in Baltimore make sure to send the familiar driver for the regular clients who remembers their personal preferences. First class transportation is available for airport/train transfers and transportation to the hotel for your clients, CEO, or company visitors. Special provisions are made for tea building or legal meetings.

  • Special Occasion Car Service

Most of the car services have professionally trained staff to take your special occasion to the next level. Whether it is a sporting event transportation, concert or festival transportation, theatre transportation, or the wedding transportation, the car services will take care of the traffic and thus allow you to travel in ease. Some events like the theatres are often held at places which are not easy to navigate or park safely. It is always better to depend on the car service providers during such occasions. You can even text directly to your personal driver, making the communication easier.  

You want everything to go right on your wedding day. The car service providers make sure that you reach on time. What’s more, some car service providers make sure that their drivers appear in an attire that matches the theme of the wedding.

Whether it is picking up your first date or a business travel, to have someone to take care of safely transporting you or the people you care about is extremely important. Let the professionally trained drivers handle the stress of traffic and parking, leaving you to enjoy your day.

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