St. Thomas Cathedral, a Symbol of Mumbai

St. Thomas Cathedral in Mumbai

St. Thomas Cathedral is the very first and the greatest Roman Catholic Church in Mumbai. Precisely, St Thomas Cathedral is located near the Flora Fountain at D. N. Road in the Fort area of Mumbai. This church was built to replace the older Cathedral that was located in the Bhuleshwar. Seeing this building, maybe you think that this construction is not very pretentious; however actually it is the most luxurious building standing in the era. The construction began in 1672, and even it was still unfinished until the opening in 1718. The design comes from the marriage between Byzantine and colonial-era architecture. Some gravestones show that there are many colonists died in young age because of malaria.

Because of the antique of this building, in 2004 it was chosen for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Award. It is known that the construction was able to uplift the moral support of British in India. The name St. Thomas was taken from a disciple of Christ who came to India in order to introduce and establish Christianity along the Malabar Coast, in the Southwestern of India. It is built in white nuance, whitewashed and furnished with any good material.

St. Thomas Cathedral now becomes one of the most favorite attractions in India. It is a symbol of Christianity in the reason of religious and on the other hand it is also a pride for Indian society. This Mumbai’s Cathedral now is more than just a part of architecture that represents the secular atmosphere that is related to custom, beliefs and religion that interest the tourist from all part of the world.

photo credit : FabIndia

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