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Safari Holiday Plans for a Real Experience

Safari HolidaySafaris offer a unique opportunity to explore the bush and wildlife at close quarters. East Africa, in particular Kenya, is the real home of safaris although destinations include most of southern Africa today. Here I suggest you some of tips that you should know before you do the safari holiday.

Tips Safari Holiday number one is about Health

It’s always important to check vaccination requirements in any country before you set out on your African safari. You may need to take different vaccinations and tablets over an extended period. Plan to start taking these at least six to eight weeks before your departure. Malaria is endemic throughout most of Africa. The exceptions are parts of the Cape Provinces of South Africa. There will be no need to take malaria tablets in these places and they are especially good if children are coming along. Yellow fever vaccination certificates are necessary in all countries affected by this disease. Pack a personal first aid kit to treat minor grazes and stomach upsets.

Tips Safari Holiday number two is about Climate

Seasons in Equatorial countries such as Kenya are either wet or dry. The best time for safari holidays is the dry season between December and March and then June to October. The rainy season in southern African runs between January and March, though Namibia is a very dry country most of the year. Make sure you cover your head in the Equatorial sun. Burns can occur after just 20 minutes of exposure during the day and remain quite painful for a few days. When the sun sets in Africa, the evening and night temperatures can fall by 20 degrees. Make sure you pack a variety of clothing for the colder evenings.

Tips Safari Holiday number three is about Interests

Would you like to see a giraffe at close quarters, watch elephants strolling around your vehicle, photograph lions snoozing in the sun, or see the wildebeest migrating? Annual migrations are some of the most spectacular safari sights. It can be difficult to predict an exact location, but you can plan your safari at the correct time of year. Wildebeest give birth between December and February in the Serengeti region in Kenya. This is when they begin to “smell” the coming rains. Between March and June wildebeest and zebra follow a route called the Western Corridor, across the Grumeti River to Lake Victoria. From July and through August, they head eastwards to graze in the Mara region. The world’s biggest flamingo colonies are around Lake Nakuru. This is a soda lake, rich in dissolved sodium carbonate, within the East African Rift Valley of central Kenya. It is surrounded by grasslands and is famous for its water birds. White rhino and an increasing number of black rhino and buffaloes wander in the grasslands.

Tips Safari Holiday number four is about Itinerary

Plan your Africa safari holiday itinerary to mix the landscape and the wildlife with the sea and the sun. Take a two-week tour through Kenya’s Maasai Maara through to Lake Nakuru and Mount Kenya, returning through the Amoseli and Tsavo National Parks. Take a rest or go scuba diving off Lamu Islands. For a truly magical experience, travel to the world’s largest inland delta on the Okavango River in western Botswana. The river rises in the Angolan mountains to the northwest and spreads out over the Kalahari Desert sands to create the famous delta. The Moremi Game Reserve is a haven for bird life and numerous day and nocturnal animal species.

You can travel through Africa’s landscapes on foot, in an open vehicle or even a hot air balloon. Opt for simplicity by camping in a tent or luxury in a comfortable lodge. Safari holiday may be tailored to meet all needs and interests for an unforgettable experience.

a guest post by : Jean Walker (writes regularly on safari holidays for a range of tourism websites and blogs).