The Best of Airport Transfer Taxis At Your Service

Taxis at main Airport, can be found at any time, day or night, although you can stand in line. Taxi will take you to the hotel named by you, you just need to tell the driver the address of the hotel and pay the fare on the counter, although the price depends on the time of day and the color of the car. If you prefer to get from airport to your hotel as quickly as possible, without wasting time on waiting lists and without delving into the subtleties of taxi fares, it is better to book a transfer in advance.

What you should know about a taxi

Taxis can be called one of the most disciplined:

  • cars in good technical condition
  • the cab is always clean
  • drivers are always neatly dressed and polite (although they may refuse to help with luggage)
  • counters are working properly and no one is trying to cheat.

A taxi could be called ideal if not for the “but” series:

It is difficult to understand all the tariffs, surcharges and additional payments (for example, taxis are 50% more expensive at night, 25% at peak hours, black cars are charged per chic),

You need to be ready to pay for a taxi in cash in local currency (all taxis have terminals for payment by bank cards, but not the fact that your card will work). With the msp airport taxi the deals come perfectly.

The pre-booked transfer is better than a taxi at the airport

Booking a transfer from the airport to the hotel, you, of course, make your life easier:

  • the final price for a car is known – no need to delve into prices, tariffs and tax surcharges;
  • transfer paid in advance the way you want – no need to look at the airport currency exchange or an ATM to withdraw cash dollars ;
  • upon arrival the driver and car are already waiting for you – no need to look for a taxi and stand in line,
  • you can easily order child seats and, thereby, ensure the safety of the trip for small passengers,
  • the car of the size and class you need – when ordering a transfer, the capacity of the car is known;

How to order a transfer from airport

If you need a return transfer from the hotel to the airport, then it is better to order a transfer right there and there and back – it’s cheaper and faster than separately.

How much is the transfer from the airport to the hotel

What is important to remember when booking transfers

Shuttle service must be ordered in advance (at least 24 hours in advance), especially if you have a desire to add a car seat to the car or you are traveling with large luggage

Fill out the transfer booking form as detailed as possible enter the full name of the hotel, your contact details, flight number, on which you fly to your destination. If your flight is late, then the host will adjust the time of the meeting at the airport.

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