The Famous Sigiriya

The Lion Rock Sigiriya in Matale, Sri Lanka Tourism


photo credit : lucagorlero

Sigiriya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The name Sigiriya means the Lion Rock. Sigiriya located in Matale, Sri Lanka. It is a big fortress surrounded and the ancient stone palace surrounded by garden, reservoir and other structures. Sigiriya was built in the era of Kassapa I King (477-495). It is actually the ruins of a palace in Matale. Under the main building, there are plants with the sophisticated and beautiful reservoir system using the complex system from underground water distribution.

So, what are the attractions that can be enjoyed here? Well, there are many interesting things; it is more than a big rock although the rock is the main part in the area. The central rock rises about 200 meters high. Previously, it was the area of the palace. And then there is also a beautiful landscaped water gardens use the complex underground water system, with the Royal baths and fountains. Some fountains even still work until now when the rainy season.

Beautiful Scenery from Sigiriya

photo credit : motherscratcher

With the spectacular view and water system in the past, Sigiriya is listed as one of seven World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. There is still the Lion’s paws structure, the relic from the palace. The Lion platform is the reason why the structure is often called as the Lion Rock. If you go upstairs, in the halfway, you will find the frescoes painted on the rock face similar with the style of Indian painting. Some of them are remarkable but only about 500 pictures that can be saved. Unfortunately, flash photograph is not allowed at this site.

The Famous Sigiriya

photo credit : paul mannix

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