View Hungarian Parliament Building

The Magnificent Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building

photo credit: bdthomas

Hungary is one of the most visited countries in Europe and becomes one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are many interesting and beautiful places in Hungary that can attract people to visit however Hungary is not only famous of its natural view, environment or the landmarks but also from the history. Hungary is a country which is full of histories and historical places to see. From all of those buildings, Hungarian Parliament Building is listed as one of them.

The Wonderful Hungarian Parliament Building

photo credit: heatheronhertravels

The Hungarian Parliament Building is not only the office at the past, but it is also the oldest legislative buildings and one of favorite tourist destinations in Budapest. It is located in Kossuth Lajos Square, Danube with the specific length of 268 m, 123 m deep and 96 m high. The building is nice to see during the night, because the lights from inside makes it beautiful. It will be seen nicely, an interesting spot so that there is none people know that it is an office. There are also other features of the building that are good to see such as stained glass windows, the hexa-decagonal central hall (famous of its huge chambers), the Holy Crwon of Hungry that has been protected in couple of years. The Lower House and Upper House are also the beautiful rooms that are still used today for the important meetings.

There is no reason for not visiting the Hungarian Parliament Building because it is really magnificent and accessible. It is a place that tourists may not miss. A full history place and the magnificent of Hungary are best represented here.

Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest

photo credit: chad_k

View Hungarian Parliament Building

photo credit: Francisco Antunes

Hungarian Parliament Building at Night

photo credit: Francisco Antunes

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  1. AnnieKoroknai

    I’d add the Dohany Street Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, along with the two other synagogues of the “Synagogue Triangle.” It’s a very interesting place historically and it also features a lot of the famous Hungarian ruin pubs. The three most famous synagogues in the area are the Dohany temple, which is the largest in Europe, the Rumbach and the Kazinczy, which are just gorgeous examples of Moorish-revival and Art- Nouveau architecture. You can read up on the area here: and gets some tips on activities, sights, restaurants and accommodations.


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