The Melk Abbey, One of Famous Tourist Attractions in Austria

The Melk Abbey Picture

The Melk Abbey is a beautiful monastery which located on a hill in the village of Melk, Austria. This monastery is very famous and rich of history. According to the history, Melk Abbey was founded in 1089 by Leopold II. In the 12th century, this monastery became home to many brilliant people who focuses in the areas of natural sciences and art. It is because, at the time there is a school  connected to the monastery and became the center of learning. The Melk Abbey has a length about 320 meters with 64 meters high. It is dominating by two beautiful Baroque towers. One of the places that you can see at this monastery is the library. This library has collections more than 80.000 medieval volumes and some priceless manuscripts. The Marble Hall of Melk Abbey also worth to see, it was designed for receptions and audiences. To reach Melk Abbey is an easy, it is only 55 miles or 90 minutes dive from Vienna, the capital city of Austria. In conclusion, Melk Abbey is one of the worth attractions in Austria that should be visited for people who comes to the country.

Inside of Melk Abbey Photo

Photo Tower of Melk Abbey

Beautiful Interior of Melk Photo

Melk Abbey Pic

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