Things you should know before travelling to Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a mesmerizing country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Hong Kong will not disappoint you. However, if you are travelling to a new country, it is natural to feel out of place and confused. This is why we have made a list of all the important things that you should know while planning your visit from LA to HK


  • Get the Octopus Card 


If you are travelling to Hong Kong, you need to have an Octopus Card. It is an all-in-one card that is accepted in all the following places – 

  • Vending machines
  • Public transports including bus, train, tram etc.
  • Fast food centers
  • Bakery shops 
  • Supermarkets

It is a prepaid card that will make your travel experience so much easier and comfortable. You can buy this card from the MTR station at the airport. 

You will have to pay HKD 150 for this card and will value HKD 100. Once you have exhausted the value, you can add more money at any MTR station in the country. 


  • Check-in Luggage Outside the Airport 


You can check-in your luggage for the whole day before your flight outside the Hong Kong airport. This service is known as in-town check-ins. 

So if you are flying back tomorrow, you can go the airport to check-in your heavy luggage first; explore the city a little more and then go back to the airport when it is time for your flight. There is no need to drag along your heavy luggage to the airport. 

Once you have checked-in your luggage at the MTR station, it will be transported all the way into the plane. 


  • Seat Sharing is a Normal Phenomenon 


Sharing seat is a normal concept in Hong Kong. For example, you and your friend are seated in a 4-seater table in an eating place. In any other country, you can decide to place your things on the empty seat. However, this is not the same case in Hong Kong. 

Considering that Hong Kong has the most expensive property price. So every square foot that is not used is a waste of money. When there is an extra seat at your table, you leave it empty and have to share it with people who need a seat.


  • Weather 


The weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid. If you suffer from asthma; plan accordingly. Another thing about Hong Kong is that the weather here changes unexpectedly. You have to be prepared to experience a bad hair day anytime. The peak tourist season starts from June to August. 

And, if you visit the country during this season, prepare yourself to deal with the humid climate. Monsoon and tropical storms can also be experiences; therefore pack an umbrella and raincoat. From December to February, the weather is cool and dry; the temperature will get a bit chilly, so layers are recommended. 


  • Travelling Essentials 


When travelling to Hong Kong, bring layers and carry it with you because AC is never turned off here. Even on summers, you will be sweating on the streets one minute and shivering from cold inside in the local departmental store.

Make sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes. The country has so many beautiful hills and taking public transport is the best way to reach them. Therefore you can expect a lot of walking. Even if you have not carried one with you; don’t worry, there are plenty of options available here.


  • Eating like a True Hong Konger


Sharing is the true essence of Chinese cuisine. If you are travelling in pair; instead of ordering two portions, order sampling of various dishes and share. 

And surprisingly there is no fight for the last bite here. If you politely ask if anyone wants the last piece, they will get the hint and let you have it. 


There you have it, all the things that you need to know before travelling to Hong Kong. The country is relatively expensive than other Asian destination, therefore make sure you consider the cost of various destination and plan your budget accordingly.


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