Tips for Getting the Most from Your Self Catering Holiday

Self-catering holidays offer you so many freedoms and flexibilities that don’t come along with many other holiday types. From the freedom to eat what you want, when you want; to simply heading off somewhere unexplored and having fun. The rise in popularity of self-catering holidays is understandable; especially with places like self-catering Aberdovey – it is easy to see why many holiday makers are choosing to go self-catered.

Here are some top tips for making your next self-catered holiday one to remember.

Hit the Ground Running

Planning your arrival at your accommodation is essential. If you’ve got a plan in place you can arrive and start your relaxing break almost immediately (once you’ve unpacked the car!). Having an idea of what you’re going to do in terms of meals or activities for the first day/night will be important to get your holiday off to a good start.


We all know that this is a massive part of any trip. Self-catered accommodation often has a fully-equipped kitchen for you to make use of. It is also a great chance to work with some wonderful fresh local produce; take some of your favourite cook books and try those recipes you’ve been drooling over.

Picnics are another firm favourite when it comes to self-catering holidays; there’s nothing better than heading out for the day with a picnic basket in tow. Finding the perfect spot to have a break and enough some tasty treats whilst enjoying the lovely scenery.

This is one to investigate before you go; some places might have their own BBQ, but you can always take a couple of disposable ones to have some breakfast or supper down on the beach!


Beach holiday? Don’t forget to take your beach towels! Most accommodation will provide you with towels for use inside the property, but always remember to bring your own for the beach. You may also want to pack some other beach essentials like buckets and spades, sun umbrella or a windshield for added comfort.

Struggling to think of activities for the evening? How about some good old fashioned family fun? Remember to bring a football or rugby ball for some good-natured family competition, and perhaps some board games for a more relaxed atmosphere (though maybe leave Monopoly at home!).

For some, this holiday is the only chance they get all year to fully switch off from responsibilities and relax. So have a pamper – take some pampering things with you, like bath bombs, massage oil or even just that new book you’ve been dying to read cover-to-cover in peace! Set aside some time to just relax and enjoy being away from work.

Be Prepared

Since you’ll likely be driving to your destination, you can afford to load up the car without worrying about sticking to pesky baggage allowances. You never know what the British weather has in store, so the best advice is to pack the wet weather gear. However, you don’t have to stop the fun just because of a little rain, take the right clothing and you can still enjoy your holiday.

Stay in an area that has lots of local attractions and activities that are suitable for the whole family, Aberdovey has wonderful beaches, and easy transport links to adrenaline fueled adventures – perfect for everyone.

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