Top 4 Reasons Why Mumbai Should be on the Top of Your Destination List

It is really difficult to find only five reasons to visit Mumbai. This is the dream city of India where people come with lots of dreams every day. This is the city that never gets old. You can enjoy the nightlife, while your shopping spree will be entertained very well. With the colonial buildings, vibrant marketplace, long traffic jams, and the crowded marketplaces, Mumbai is the perfect destination for the travelers.

Besides all other exhibits, Mumbai has the biggest film industry of the country, Bollywood. There are the bungalows and apartments of the celebrities which are awesome to watch. Take Dubai to Mumbai flights or from New York to Mumbai flights and spend a few days in complete luxury. Here are the best reasons why you should visit Mumbai again and again.

  1. Mumbai Is the City of Dreams

This city is always throbbing with life. Once you are here, you can feel that vibrating pulse that run faster and faster. The railway network of the city has created a miracle as it carries the largest numbers of passengers every day in the world. It connects each part of Maharashtra through the strong railway network and people come to the city every day for fulfilling their dream.

  1. The Food Is Awesome

This is definitely one of the most perfect reasons why Mumbai attracts tourists. You can find the authentic Marathi cuisine at restaurants, while the lavish restaurants will also offer every type of cuisines around the world. Is it too much to go to those restaurants? Not to worry as the street foods are really scrumptious in this city. Once you are here, don’t forget to taste Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, the famous Bombay sandwich, etc.

  1. Shop from Your Heart’s Content

There are lots of fascinating markets in Mumbai where you can find different types of objects. If you want to get the local culture of Mumbai, these bazaars are the perfect place for that. From antique objects to beautiful dresses, you can get everything at such markets. Some of the famous markets of Mumbai are Chor Bazaar, Fashion Street, Crawford Market, Zaveri Bazaar and so on.

  1. Enjoy the Natural Abundance

You may think Mumbai is only for the urban people, but that’s not true. If you are a nature-lover and want to go beyond the chaos of city life, Mumbai will also welcome you with open arms. Why don’t you visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park? This is the largest urban park in the city where you can visit numerous species of flora and fauna along with tigers. The forested area is dense and perfect for the trekkers and the bird-watchers. The best trekking destination of the city, from Harishchandragad to Kalsubai Peak, attracts many trekkers each year.

Above all, Mumbai’s nightlife needs special mention. The swanky clubs and the edgy lounges will attract the youth to hit the dance floor and groove with the music. Mumbai never sleeps and it won’t let you sleep a bit.

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