Top Rated Outdoor Activities in North Wales

Beacon Climbing Centre

The Beacon climbing center is among the most amazing activities for the whole family to get involved in with climbing facilities available for all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned climbing veteran, the beacon climbing centre has something for you. With awesome top roping facilities and bouldering caves alike so you can climb your way.

Cwm Idwal

This particular rock formation is a favorite location of explorer and naturalist Charles Darwin who visited here on his tour of Wales. Cwm refers to a a valley which is sealed in on 3 sides, in the centre of the cwm is a lake called llyn idwal. It is iconic in the way that the mountain slopes into the water is a majestic fashion. The location is a photographer’s favorite and is often visited while visiting the Glyderau range of mountains of Snowdonia. It is a fantastic example of glaciation surrounded by high crags screen moraines and rounded rocks., it comprises of volcanic and sedimentary rock which was laid down in Ordovician sea

Cader Idris

Towards’ North Wales’ southern reaches is Cader Idris, which is Snowdonia’s second busiest mountain. While it is less busy it is therefore a quieter and more peaceful ascent along with Snowdon it makes 1 of the Welsh 3 Peak Challenge. It gets its name from the Welsh for The Chair of Idris. Legend has it that Idris was a giant living in the area. And the mountain served as his chair – if you look at the shape of the mountain you can kind of see what they mean. It’s a great mountain to climb for any outdoor lovers.

Manorafon Farm Park

This wonderful farm park in abergele is a fantastically fun location for all the family to visit. Do

You love animals and fun days out? Then this could be the location for you. Come and meet a range of cute and interesting critters – including cows, sheep and llamas! Guests have only great things to say about the park. They are known for doing great festive events at special times of the year like Christmas and Easter so don’t get put off by going at those times of year.


The jewel of Snowdonia, it’s the highest mountain in Wales (and higher than any British mountain outside of Scotland for that matter), it’s Yr Wyddfa. The mountain is a favorite as its easily accessible from roads from nearly anywhere in the UK, and provides some really amazing panoramic views from its summit. Moreso now that it has a genuine train which takes people to the top without having to walk, and there’s a lovely summit cafe at the peak which people can shelter from the elements outside and have a hot drink and some food – yum. It’s no surprise this happens to be a popular favorite of outdoor activities north wales!

Dragon Raiders

Fans of paintball should rejoice at the opportunity to play out these paint speckled war games in some of North Wales’ most encompassing and dense forest woodland. Dragon raiders has decades of experience providing awesome paintballing experience to North Wales wannabe troopers. Whether you want to play classic battle mode, capture the flag or more there is some amazing options for you to have.

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