Top Reasons to Go Skiing This Winter

Skiing is one of those hobbies that you can keep on improving at year on year, and this will keep drawing you back to the slopes. Once you’ve mastered the basics, skiing holidays Val Thorens will quickly become a firm favourite. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should go skiing this winter.

#1 – Embodies ALL the best things about Winter

When it’s cold outside, who doesn’t love warm ski jumpers, brightly coloured beanie hats, or indulging in a creamy hot chocolate. Or perhaps even relaxing in a hot tub whilst enjoying the views of snow-capped mountains? Winter doesn’t have to be gloomy and unenjoyable – skiing is the perfect way to enjoy it to the fullest.

#2 – Gets you outside

We’ve all had the urge to go into hibernation mode when winter hits, but skiing gets you outside in the fresh mountain air. Whether you’re with a group of friends or family or on your own, it will automatically boost your mood. The more we stay inside, the more we end up wallowing in those annoying winter blues! Skiing Val Thorens has some truly magical views to see and appreciate, especially in the winter season, so make sure you take a phone or small camera with you.

#3 – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a bit harder to come by in the winter months, but we don’t spend half as much time as we should trying to soak it up. Negative effects of vitamin D deficiency include; sluggishness, suppressed melatonin production, difficulty concentrating and feelings of depression. In the mountains, there is no greater feeling than throwing open the windows to soak in that glorious morning sunlight, or the feeling of sunlight on your face as you glide gracefully down the slopes. Embrace the inevitable goggle tan – but don’t forget your sunscreen.

#4 – Snow

Things don’t just stop when there’s a snowstorm, the snow can be enjoyed in its entirety in the mountains. Just picture waking up to the magical sight of snow-capped chalets and white trees every single morning is worlds apart from snowing at home. You’ll be filled with feelings of excitement and impatience to get out and start riding that lovely fresh powder. If you need a break from skiing, building snowmen is lots of fun for all ages.

#6 – Beating those January blues

It’s easy to feel a bit down after all the festivities of Christmas and New Year, so why not pick yourself up with a winter ski trip? The mood around the slopes is cheerful and the resorts are in full swing; take a break from work or make the most of the big holiday dates like easter or half-term.

#7 – Apres-Ski

Many ski resorts are well-known for having a fantastic apres ski scene. This includes out of this world music, lots of dancing and nightly entertainment. Plus your beer stays cold – what more could you want?

#8 – Exercise

It’s all too easy to become a bit of a couch potato during the winter, with lots of comfort food and bad weather keeping you indoors. Skiing is a brilliant way to exercise in the winter months, exercise releases endorphins in your body which help to lift your mood, and will give you that smug ‘I’ve just exercised and I feel great’ look! If you’re planning a ski trip after the festive period, it can be a wonderful way to burn off any festive gains.


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