Top Tips for Camping in the Rain

It’s always unfortunate when you’ve planned a camping trip a few months in advance and the forecast shows rain. I always picture my camping trips with the sun shining, but rain happens and it should never ruin a memorable time. Most of us have probably camped in the rain before, unprepared, so we know how vital it is to be prepared for all kinds of weather. To point you in the right direction, here are our top tips for camping in the rain so you and your family can stay happy and dry.

  1. Check the forecast

Knowing what weather to expect is the best way to prepare everything you’ll need for your trip. It’s as simple as installing a weather app on your smartphone and adding the location of your campsite. Even if there’s a slight chance of rain, you never know what Mother Nature will do so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Pitch your tent in the right location

Always pitch your tent in an area that is slightly elevated and steer clear of any valleys, rivers, and lakes. Waking up to a couple of inches of water in your tent is never an ideal start to the day! Additionally, avoid pitching your tent under any trees to avoid fallen branches and those annoying raindrops when the rain eventually does stop. Try to arrive at your campsite early so you can pitch your tent in daylight.

  1. Make an outdoor living space

Creating an outdoor living space is an excellent way for everyone to have fun at the end of the day. Rather than retreating to your tent when activities have finished, bring a couple of tarps to use as shelter including one for the ground. Once you’ve set up your tarps, add chairs, lights, food, music, and games, and let the good times roll!

  1. Bring plenty of lights

Setting up plenty of lights not only creates ambiance, but it also boosts the energy and atmosphere around your campsite. Consider bringing some LED string lights to drape around your outdoor living space, and you might want to get creative with some candles in mason jars. Don’t forget plenty of flashlights and extra batteries. I find that lithium batteries are incredibly reliable in wet weather.


  1. Eat plenty of Food

When it’s cold and drizzly, our body naturally uses more energy to keep us warm. One of the best ways to maintain our body temperature is to eat plenty of food, especially the comfort foods we all know and love! Be careful not to go overboard though, but some cheesy lasagne and hot chocolate always goes down a treat. Try to balance this out with some veggies but remember to prep them in your warm home rather than prepping them at camp.


  1. Bring the right clothing

One of the most vital aspects of camping in the rain is bringing the right clothing to keep you warm. An effective layering system will regulate your body temperate to soak up moisture when you’re active and retain the heat when you cool down. A polyester or wool undergarment is an ideal foundation to which you can add mid-layers and a rain jacket. Avoid using cotton as it takes a long time to dry and consider buying gloves to keep your hands toasty.

  1. Pack a clothes line

You should always bring a clothesline regardless of the weather, but hanging out your wet clothes so they’re dry in the morning allows you to reuse clothes that don’t smell like feet! String up your clothesline under a tarp or your tent’s vestibule and if you forget, put your wet clothes in your sleeping bag overnight and let your body heat dry them.


At the end of the day, camping trips are only as good as what you make of them, and I’ve had plenty of memorable trips in the rain! Regardless of the weather, it’s paramount that you arrive at your campsite adequately prepared so you have everything you need to make the most of it. If you need to purchase any new camping gear or clothing, get in touch with TJM Australia by phoning 07 3865 9999.

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